10 Questions to ask on a Date

Are you all worried about how to make the conversation more crisp and interesting on your first date? Well, don’t worry because we have shortlisted some questions for you that you can ask and answer as well to make the date more interesting. One thing to remember here is that interest does make the difference. So, you can modify the questions accordingly. Also, there is no rush in asking all these questions on the first date itself. Take it slow and let the things unveil on their own.

Here is the list of the 10 questions you can ask on your first date:

1. What’s the one thing you wish you’d known a bit earlier?

This will show you how they have grown up all these years and what they say about the changes and life lessons is.

2. What’s the best piece of advice they’ve ever been given to?

A person learns a lot about the other person based on the piece of advice they live by. Also, get ready to learn some new story or theory behind it as well.

3. If get a chance to live anywhere in the world, which place would they choose and why?

Isn’t that obvious that you want to know the place they like to settle in and the reasons that add up to the particular choice? It’s good to know this and who knows, it turns out to be the place where you want to settle as well someday.

4. Who is the person they look to? Who is their role model or inspiration?

It’s good to know the people they considered ideal. It will also tell you about their likings in people. Like the never giving attitude of some person is what strikes them the most and hence they inspire them. It will tell you or at least give you the sneak peek of the traits they like.

5. Who’s their best friend and what makes them so special?

It’s good to know about your date’s best friend the countless reasons they love them.

6. Are they into reading? What are they reading currently?

The first thing is to obviously know whether they are into reading or not. You can ask this only when you’re into reading so that you can have one of the many common things or interests to share. If they affirm it as well, you can ask about what they are reading at the moment.

7. What’s their idea of fun?

It’s good to know what they do for fun. You definitely want to know the things that entertain them and calm their nerves down after a long tiring day.

8. What’s the last movie they watched that makes them roll on the floor laughing or inspire them or melt their heart?

It’s a very light-hearted question that will stimulate some really fun conversation or some deep conversation as well.

9. What are the top three or five things they just can’t do without?

Make the term very clear that it should not be obvious like “oxygen” or “water” or “food” or anything like that. It will tell you about the things that are very dear to them.

10. Ask them to tell anything about them that might come as a surprise.

Isn’t that good to know something “unexpected” and totally “out of the blue” thing about them?

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