3 Important Things to Consider before Quitting Job and Going for “START-UP”

There are few people who actually enjoy what they are doing with their career. And others just do it for so many reasons. So are you also amongst those others who are just tired of their 9-5 jobs and looking for ways to get out of it? Are you also amongst who wants to quit their jobs over an amazing business idea (at least that’s what you think)? But is it going to work for real? Are you going to put your current livelihood and savings at stake? Is it worth it?

Yes, totally but there are certain things that you need to be very considerate about before sending that resignation mail. Here are those little yet significant things every aspiring entrepreneur should consider before taking this “LEAP OF FAITH”:

Have a good talk with your potential leads

Whether your business line is integrated directly to another business that is B2B or to consumers that is B2C. It is essential to understand their main area of the problem. And believe us, thousands of articles and blogs too can’t help you with understanding the mentality of your potential consumers. You have to talk to them personally to comprehend this. With a real conversation that includes probing questions about their problems and how they want it to be addressed and what they can pay for it, you can gain on a lot of things. You can actually see whether your idea is in sync with it or not. How better it could be or what all can be done. Have an open mind while these discussions.

Business idea trials and industrial research

Many start-ups just fail because their deliverables are not something that the targeted audience is looking for. So before keeping everything at stake, it’s essential to test your business idea. For a startup, you need to get your idea validated by real consumers. You can get your hands on an opt-in email list which constitute of email address in good number from reliable online magazines and journals. You can send the email explaining the features, utility of your product or service with “call to action” button. See, if your solution is serving the purpose for real or not and how people approach it. That’s quite obvious to do industrial research and understand various aspects of it. Industrial research means analysis of the market, your competitors, their range of products and pricing methods and a lot more.

Save up money and try to find co-founders

For a startup, you can expect a return but your landlord or staff won’t understand that. Hence you need to save enough to meet these basic needs while casting your complete focus on improving the solution and over business scaling. You have to save enough for a year or two before commencing over this idea. Next, try to have someone in the trenches with you. Co-founder definitely means split ownership but the risk and the workload are shared as well.

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