4 Acne-Causing Food to Avoid

Pollution and puberty are not the only reasons of acne breakout. Your diet has its call too and plays a vital role in causing acne. There are food items which cause inflammation in the human body, thus increasing the sugar levels and also distort the whole hormonal balance in the body. we understand, when it’s come to food, we become a little easy with ourselves, but here is the list of the food that you should strictly avoid. This food causes acne and skin breakouts. Here it goes:

Dairy Products

Consuming dairy products might be the reason for the acne and breakout in the skin. Whether you consume it directly or enjoy it indirectly in the form of cheese, milk chocolates, cream, etc, cow’s milk leads to elevated sugar levels in the human body. Due to the presence of some hormones in the milk, it results in excessive production of sebum in our body. Also, the milk is a good source of growth hormones that often result in excessive skin cells production. This blocks the pores of the skin and it is difficult for the skin to breathe and purify itself which eventually result in breakouts and acne.

Junk food

They probably are called by the name because they are no less. They are a total junk for your health and for your skin as well. No doubt, they taste heavenly, but continuous consumption might make it difficult for your skin. Junk food is another food item that triggers the growth of acne breakout in the skin. Almost all junk food including pizzas, burgers, chips, etc have Trans fat in them. They are also rich in refined carbs and saturated fats. These carbs and fats are the major reason behind disruptive hormonal level which is the primary cause of inflammation in the body. This inflammation eventually leads to skin breakout. Also, this junk food stimulates the release of insulin in the human body which is another reason that causes acne.


Many people term coffee as their “poison”. They need it to survive a tough day. In fact, for many people, the day doesn’t start unless they had their coffee. But do you know that this coffee might actually be the “poison” for your skin, only this time in a literal manner? Yes, coffee and caffeine products can take a toll on your skin and cause acne breakouts. Cortisol level is boosted by coffee which is the major cause of induced stress and elevated stress levels. The rise in insulin results in overproduction of sebum which is the biggest reason of acne breakout. Stress, on the other hand, affects skin and overall health as well.

Refined sugar and grains

They are probably counted amongst the staple for many, but consuming them even in a limited amount is not healthy for the skin. They break down in your body and elevate the sugar levels which contribute to acne. White bread, breakfast cereals, cookies, white rice are some of the examples of the refined grains which contributes to an eruption in the skin.

Sugar is the biggest reason for inflammation in the human body. Continuous consumption of it often results in breakouts. Not only it is bad for your skin, but it can also deteriorate human health.

With being a little careful, you can protect your skin. Say bye bye to acne and breakout by bidding adieu to these unhealthy options.

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