4 Tips and Tricks for Christmas Decor

It’s that time of the year again when streets will be enjoying on the “jingle bells” and melodious Christmas carols. How long do we wait for this particular day, all year long? But instead of celebrating, we often struggle with it and its decor. We know Christmas decor is quite exhausting, but the simple trick is to enjoy every bit of it rather than making you work at the edge to make it look perfect for others. Here we have discussed four tips and tricks for Christmas decor:

Color pallets have got more colors other than red and green

Gone were the days, when Christmas is just limited to two colors - Red and Green. Now the whole color pallet has some new additions as well. Among these most popular are pink, gold, blue, etc. You can try these new hues as well. They are quite alluring and add a whole new tweak to Christmas. You can use them in decor, in papers for wrapping gifts, and even in Christmas wreaths.

Less is more

When it comes to decorating your living space for holidays, less is often more. If you are going al simple and minimal with your holiday decor, not only it will look more elegant and appealing, it will save you a lot of time and money as well. Rather than cluttering your living place with the holiday ornaments, use your artistry to set an elegant and simple theme. For instance, hanging those fancy lights everywhere in your living room, you can use the wireless LED lights set in the glass bowl with some other ornaments as your table centerpiece.

Be very careful with the Christmas lights:

Holidays are all about joy and these lights apart from illuminating the house brighten our smile too. But you don’t want this joy to be intruded by any hazard. For a safe holiday, check for protruding wires or any loose ends along the strands. You have to ensure that the lights are absolutely secure to use with no loose ends that could trip over. Also if you have pets and children at your place, cover the light bulbs with cord covers.

Perfect is often boring

Let’s get this very straight, no matter how hard you try, something or other will tend to go wrong. That doesn’t mean you don’t ensure the till the very end that things go as good as possible. But even if they messed up a little, don’t whine over it. These often turn out the funniest stories of the “holidays” which are probably the cause of “waves of laughter” for much more upcoming Christmas. Relax and grab another piece of your favorite pie.

These are some tips and tricks for holiday decor. You are not a maven and that’s completely fine. You can’t expect everything to be “PERFECT” or everything to look as finished as done by professionals. But guess what; at least it has got all your tweaks and flair. Yes instead of that star on the top all glittery and gold, you have used a purple star. Doesn’t it look all perfect there? We suggest, instead of struggling to make everything ‘flawless”, try to make it look more like you.

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