4 Unique Gift Ideas for this Valentines Day

Valentine's day is just around the corner. So how are you planning to spend this day with your love? Have you sorted everything out about the gifts as well? If not, then no worries because we have listed out some unique gift ideas for this valentines day. These are the perfect connotation of love and will surely be amongst the most cherished ideas for the valentines day.

  1. Go for heart-shaped food than conventional chocolates

This is quite true that people prefer to give heart-shaped chocolates for valentines day. They are pretty good and there is no doubt in it but there is the whole deck of other good quality stuff as well. So instead of going with conventional, you can tweak it and gift them their favourite food in the heart shape. It can be the heart-shaped pizza or their favourite snack vies to hog over in the heart-shaped box. You don’t have to have everything conventional, just the food and the person you love... isn’t this the best way to lead a happy valentine’s day.

  1. Say hello to new ways to express rather than greeting cards

This might come as a bummer to many as people are solely dependant on greeting cards to express their love on pretty much every occasion. But what if we tell you that there are different modes to express this love as well other than the conventional greeting cards. you can make the drawing of their favourite superhero but with their face. For the superhero’s love interest you can have your picture made, it can be done with the cartoon characters as well. Think outside the box before planning anything.

  1. A food tour instead of fancy dinners

This is especially for the couple who just loves food like they love each other. You probably are thinking to make a reservation for fancy candlelight dinners in your favourite restaurant. But what if we say we have a better and cooler idea than that. You can plan a self-guided food tour and munch over all your favourite food with the love of your life on a special day. Go for different bakeries, small restaurants, street spots to have something and have more fun.

  1. Go for Functional accessories rather than fancy jewellery

One of the popular choices amongst the valentines day gifts includes fancy pieces of jewellery which are surely appreciated by many. But what if we tell you that you can tweak this idea a little and make them love the gift and use it for real rather than keeping them in lockers. Go for functional accessories like the bottle opening rings which looks fancy and have a utility as well. There are too many options available and you can easily find them.

These are some ideas that are far from conventional and still possess the charms of love. So, what are you waiting for, pick something up from these and celebrate this special day with the love of your life?

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