5 Hacks that will Help you in Getting a Sound Sleep at Night

Are you facing the problem of not getting proper sleep? We all know how important it is to have a sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours in a day for better functioning of mind and body. If you’re facing problems in getting sleep, then this post is just for you. Give it a good read as we are sharing some hacks that will help you in getting a sound sleep at night.

1. Set a regular bedtime

Firstly, you have to decide on a suitable bedtime and then sternly have to stick with it. In the beginning, you might face some problem but gradually your body will adjust to it and begin to prepare itself accordingly. Once you set a regular bedtime and stick to it, your night sleep will be more sorted.

2. Keep It Dark

Are there many sources of light in the room you sleep as well? Well, as good as it is to rise and wake up bright; it doesn’t really go in your favour in case of sleeping. You need to sleep in a pitch black room as it will help you by preventing light to disturb the slumber. You can have curtains or blinds for the windows while you sleep. In simple terms, you need to have everything dark by blocking out all the natural and electronic sources of light in the room.

3. Wind down

You need to step down of everything and just enter the relaxation mode before going to sleep. You should not exercise or munch over heavy meals or watch any suspense thriller that can stimulate the brain. These things won’t help you with getting eth good sleep. Always remember to turn down the bright lights when you’re going for sleeping. Also, don’t spend those last few waking hours before sleep over electrical gadgets.

4. Try Magnesium and chamomile

Magnesium: Many people face the deficiency of this substantial mineral which is required by the body for many biochemical activities including relaxation. So, for better sleep, you can try foods rich in magnesium like pumpkin seeds, avocado, spinach, etc.

Chamomile: this is one herbal medicine which is famed for its sedative properties. Owing to these sedative properties, it will help the body to relax and drift its way to sleep. Not only is it good for a good sleep but is very beneficial in addressing the digestive issues too.

5. Bring a little change in your routine and diet

If you’re thinking that climbing those few stairs in office is all you need to stay fit, you are wrong. You have to indulge yourself in any work-out during the day as it will help in burning off the excess energy too. This will induce the sense of relaxation in the body by the time you’re all asset up for your bed. A good exercise session is all you need to stay bright during the day and to sleep fine.

Heavy meals at dinner will not help you with sleep. The simple reason is that your body is all stimulated to break down that food and if you just lie down there are good chances of reflux or indigestion.

These are some simple hacks that will help you in getting a “good night’s sleep”.

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