5 Hacks to Outdo Your Life in 2019

We already have stepped in December and New Year is not even a month away, it’s just a few days. Setting up resolutions, hitting the gym, positive thinking, have you already come up with “conventional” we decide to formulate very New Year? If not, there are these 5 hacks to outdo your life in 2019:

  1. Instead of setting resolutions, set intentions. Often with the New Year enthusiasm and passion for new beginnings persuade us to set some new and rigid resolutions. These resolutions are far from reality and often lead to a guilt and stress. In its place thinking of some intention and penning down to achieve some goals is much more realistic. You can take baby steps, like creating them for a day, then extending it to a week and then gradually a month. It will take the pressure off and you can easily attain something bid with slow and steady steps.

  2. If you haven't already known this by now, there is a world beyond your phone too. There is a whole live universe beyond those social apps, emails, and texts. We all are pretty much stick to our phones, often making the “worst of the moment”. In this digital world, real things are losing their values. And people start adoring people on basis of their number of followers and not their intellect. For this year, let’s stick to basics and enjoy some real things rather than gluing up to our phones.

  3. You probably have heard of it, “Do one thing every day that scares you”. Have you given it a thought or just listened it for the namesake? While every article is all about facing your fear, stepping out of your comfort zone, exploring the unexplored, how many of us have actually incorporated that? So why not we dedicate this year in implementing it and to actually face things that scare us. For many, it can be to start a conversation with the stranger, for some it's some edgy sports, everyone has their own definition. But one thing is common that the fear feeds upon everyone equally. So dedicate this year in freeing yourself from all those fears that were trying to cage you.

  4. Yes, you are all high on New Year craze and New Year party, and it surely leaves you all exhausted. But it is essential to kickstart the year with a refreshed routine to get life back on track. It can be something as elementary as starting the morning with hydrating yourself followed by a 30-minute walk. Develop a routine and stick to it for attaining those “TOUGH GOALS”.

  5. The irony of life is that to lead a happy future, we compromise with our happy present. We dream of breaking some typical stereotypes, but breaking the routine of the workspace is a task in itself. While you are doing something good for a happy life, your soul needs its content as well. For once take some time out for yourself too and enroll yourself in any hobby classes or anything you love or anything that excites you. It can be the art class or the Zumba class or the dance class or even a cookery session. Anything that makes you happy is the “food to your soul”. So instead of living mainstream, for once lead a life, you are actually happy with, even for an hour or two.

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