5 Ideas for Room Makeover in a Budget

Looking for a room makeover? But the budget is probably restraining you to transform it? Well, no worries because we have got you 5 interesting ways in which you can do a beautiful makeover of the room without causing any “harm” to your bank account:

1. Give it the breath of new colours with a fresh coat of paint

One of the best ways in which you can bring the biggest impact in your room without spending more is giving your room a fresh coat of paint. You can buy a gallon of paint and you can choose any colour you want or the colours to make some specific shade you want. Along with that, you have to get rollers and brushes and some other painting necessities. You don’t have to buy these rollers and brushes of expensive brands.

Next, you can begin to paint as it is very easy DIY. Even a beginner can complete it within a week or two. You can have anything you want, bold and bright or dark and contemporary, serene and calm or neutral, there is a colour for every mood. So you can choose any of these as per your style without spending a fortune.

2. Next step is to make over your bed

The bed forms the “centre of attraction” in any bedroom space. So you have to make sure it’s worth a watch. It is very true that with a budget constraint, it is not possible to get anything from a brand or fancy merchandise but there are many general departmental stores like Walmart where you can get beautiful bedding.

The good thing is that you can get it at such a low price. You can go for buying comforter or duvet to set a new tone for your bedroom or even tweak a bit of your bed headboard.

3. A beautiful lamp to light things up

Yes, don’t settle the new bedroom with a boring or subtle bedside lamp. You can accentuate the whole bed space with a gorgeous lamp which you can get an affordable price or on discount from many stores. If you still feel that the lamp base go along with the bedroom and is attractive, you can always go for changing the lampshade. Instead of choosing plain white or neutral shades, go for bright colours or even with intricate patterns and textures. They will add a whole different aura to the whole space.

4. Room plants to the rescue

You can easily add life, colour and texture to your space by adding potted plants. It doesn’t have to be a dozen or ten; just a one or two can do. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to room plants like snake plant, Chinese evergreen, etc. You can add the life to your room with these beautiful potted plants. They are helpful as well as they purify the air in the space. You can add more charms with pretty pots.

5. Something for the floor as well

Don’t overlook the floor. You can have a beautifully textured rug that will give colour and texture to your place. It will also give it a whole different look.

So these are some interesting ideas that will help you with a room makeover on a budget.

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