5 Japanese Philosophies Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Japan is a country with a rich history and culture and on the world map, it is known for its traditional art sculpture and poetry. For any art lover, it will be a heaven where different kinds of interesting art form, literature and sculpture can be found. Japanese people are very kind, intellectual and gracious where they get these qualities from their culture and religion, which has a combination of Buddhism and Shinto. Most of the Japanese people believe in their interactive philosophies which combination of different philosophical perspectives out of native boundaries, most prominently from Indian, Chinese, Korean and western. In general, anyone can learn and inspire from these philosophies and five of them are mentioned in the article.

1. Itadakimasu - it is the most basic but important phrase used before eating food or receiving something it means ‘ I humbly receive’. Japanese people use this quite often because they pay gratitude to everything that they receive starting from having the little thing to having a meal and so on. Everything and every effort of humans are admired and thanked in a very essential and interactive way. In the present world where people do not admire the beauty of someone’s effort whether it is from a person, institution or nature, this philosophy gives hope and prominent meaning to life.

1. Wabi-sabi – is a very interesting and intellectual thought that focuses on finding beauty in the imperfections of life. It guides you to live a life in such a way that allows you to find beauty in every imperfection that you find in your everyday life. It says life is unpredictable and it is ok, you should embrace it and accept it with open arms. One should believe in the cycle of life.

2. Ikigai - ikigai is a phrase that means ‘the purpose in life’. It focuses on thinking and paying attention to the small stuff that you see in your daily life. In western culture, life is about winning and losing but in reality, one must have found a purpose in life and it can be found in the little things in your daily life in order to make every day phenomenal. It allows you to step away from a competitive rat-like race that most people follow to attain something that is not meant for them. The basic idea is to find a balance between purpose and life.

3. The tea ceremony - the tea ceremony is a very famous practice which basically is a process of making tea. The purpose of the tea ceremony is to focus on the efforts, tranquility, harmony, and respect and the preparation goes into the important life events. The general idea is to find beauty in the process.

4. Confucianism – Confucianism means to show humanity, love, and mercy to every living thing that exists. It gives you a unique lesson about the value of family where the family should come before individual living beings because family is the center point of life. Take a moment to love, admire and cherish your family.

These philosophies and many more are meant to make your everyday life better and finding the beauty in the moments of life. At different levels of life, it will help you grow on personal levels and contribute towards society.

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