5 Reasons that Make Cats are The Best Pets

What, who said cats are the best pets to have? Dogs are way better. This is possibly amongst the topics of age-old debate. But cats do make better pets than dogs. Right from their easy maintenance to their alluring antics, there are so many reasons that make them the best pets you can ever have. Still, don’t believe us; well we have listed the 5 reasons that make these “purry” creatures the best pets you ever want:

  1. Good impact on children

One of the biggest reasons that cats make up for the best pets is because they can have some really good impact on the children. There are studies that have proved that having a cat as a pet can enable the children to learn more about social skills and even to cope up with dramatic situations. They also make children less prone to have any allergies.

  1. Ideal pets for apartments

There are many apartment owners which are called skeptical when it comes to dogs as the pets. But they are usually totally fine with cats at the apartment. These quiet creatures don’t get too excited to see new people and give them a “big hug” which is normally the case with dogs. Also, it will not disturb any of your neighbors anytime your doorbell rings.

  1. Some health benefits from cat

How beautifully Mother Nature has worked its wonders? We live an eco-system where we are dependent on each other, though humans have dominated all. But do you know that cat as pets can have some extensive health benefits for humans? There are studies that show that these creatures help in lowering the high blood pressure. They are even considered beneficial in reducing the risk of deaths by heart attacks.

  1. They can easily be left for a few hours

One of the biggest advantages is that you can easily leave these creatures at your place. Just make sure their food, water and box are easily accessible by them and you are all good to go. One good thing about cats is that whenever they get bored, they usually take their sleep. It can be extended to 14-25 hours a day sometimes. So you don’t need to worry, you can enjoy your work while they are enjoying their sleep.

  1. Less expensive lifestyle

One of the many benefits of having a cat as a pet is the lifestyle is quite cost-efficient. They require much less food than the grown-up dogs. Another reason to love them is that they are very choosy with their toys which mean very fewer toys. And let's not forget they're very particular about themselves, hence you can save up on trips to the groomers. It’s the kittens that you may have to take every once in a while for grooming, but as these creatures get old, they usually take care of themselves which will help you in saving a lot on grooming.

Having a pet can help you in many ways and these little “aweso-meow” creatures will make everything a little more enChAnTing.

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