5 Signs that will Show that he Likes you even when he is Playing it all Cool

You are all falling for this guy but continuously pondering whether he likes you as much as you like him. He doesn’t ignore you but he might not treat your special as well. Well, there you get it all wrong. He will not say that you‘re all special so early but his little gesture will portray what he fells. Therefore for this post, we are listing a few signs that will show that he likes you even when he is playing it all cool:

1. The first sign that shows he is totally into you even when is playing all cool about is that the two of you are always talking via text. Yes, by that we mean the only time you aren’t talking is when you are sleeping. For every waking hour, you’re always texting each other. It doesn’t have to be a deep meaningful conversation every time. He can be sending you those stupid and funny memes or even the links of YouTube videos he likes. Start noticing little things like when he is going out of his way to make it obvious that you are there somewhere on his mind throughout.

2. The second thing is that he makes those little gestures to make you feel special. Like, he will give you a hug, whenever he will see you. And it’s not that one arm hug because that is something he does with his male friends and other people as well. We are talking about that big bear hug that will make you feel warm, safe and loved. Yes, that’s what you feel when wrapped his arms around you. If you’re feeling it, he might be feeling it too as he is showing it all in hid “BEAR HUGS”.

3. Another thing that ensures that he probably likes you too much then he says is that he will remember the smallest details about you. There are probably things that you have mentioned to him, days and months ago but he still remembers the smallest of details about them. This ensures that he listens to you intently and that think about you a lot. Also, what’s the best portrayal of love and care other than remembering the small stuff about them?

4. The continuous texts of asking what should he do or what’s you say in the decision don’t always mean he is dependent on you. It also means that you’re important enough to have a say in the decisions of his life. You and your thoughts matter and he doesn’t want to make any decision without talking to you.

5. Don’t take it that he is all intruding your privacy when in reality he is just curious about you. He is asking those questions not because he is all creepy or just doesn’t care about your space. He is just curious about you; he simply wants to know you and the things you liked. For him, you are this rare creature he just wants to understand. And therefore he is just observing you, watching you and trying to process everything you do.

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