5 Tips to Buy Bridal Jewellery

ou were so particular when it came to choosing motifs and designs for your Indian wedding cards. Then how can you just go blindly with the trends when it comes to buying jewellery for your wedding. This is your day and jewellery can accentuate the whole look of yours. Therefore you should be very considerate while buying bridal jewellery. Here are five tips that will help you in buying bridal jewellery.

  1. Don’t go rushing over images in magazines

One of the biggest mistakes that many brides make is to just order the piece of jewellery they like in magazines. You have to understand your features, your face cut and some many other things before buying bridal jewellery. Just because they look good on those models, doesn’t mean it look equally well on you. Getting drooled over a design and going ahead to buy it is a move of a novice. You can definitely take some inspiration from it and see whether it’s something that goes along with your outfit and your facial features.

  1. Try to avoid purchase online

Another pro tip is to avoid purchasing jewellery online. We know how convenient it is to just scroll down the screen of the laptop at your place, comfy in your pyjamas rather than rushing out and visiting stores over stores to find the right one. But most often the things turn out to be totally different than what they appear on the screen. You aren’t even sure whether the beautiful stone that appeals you the most in jewellery is genuine or fake. Therefore it is advised to try jewellery for real in stores before buying them.

  1. Get attached to Detachable jewellery

For brides, detachable jewellery is their best accessory. They can be worn in multiple ways, hence they serve their utility in so many different manners. For instance, the mang teeka without the brotch can be used as the bracelet in detachable jewellery. They provide with the high value in comparison to their costing. Besides, you don’t want to buy bridal jewellery that can only be worn on your wedding, it should be used for later as well.

  1. Heritage jewellery pieces

If you’ve got the jewellery pieces of your grandmother or your mother, then your wedding is the perfect time to wear them. These heritage pieces look exceptionally beautiful and can transform the whole look into something better. The good thing is they go along with traditional as well as modern wear. You can consult your designer over how to carry them gracefully with different outfits.

  1. Stick to one

Whether it’s the stone or the metal, you should stick to one for your bridal jewellery. Imagine how chaotic it would be if the bride wears a gold necklace with budded diamonds and platinum bangles with pearls. How messy it will look. Therefore it is suggested to stick to one metal while buying the bridal jewellery for a ceremony. Also, it is suggested to stick to a single coloured stone that goes with the colour of your dress and complement it well.

Jewellery has a way to make or break the complete bridal look. Choose very carefully.

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