5 Tips to Save up on “Eating Out”

Eating out is probably one area where we spend a lot, be it for casual hangouts, fancy dinner dates or for escaping oneself from cooking. This category takes most of your entertainment budget apart from adding to grocery bills. There are many ways in which you can cut down in this particular category which we have discussed below:

  1. We know how your inbox is all full of emails of your favorite restaurants telling about some exiting restaurant deals. You probably think it is spam and don’t even open it to read. But trust us; it only takes a few minutes to read it and to sign for these offers. These emails often have information about periodic coupons for a discount on meals along with offers for free food which we are sure you don’t want to miss. “Buy one, get one free”, “extended meals”, you are missing on a lot if you haven’t signed up email alerts from your favorite restaurants. You can save up a lot and not just for a month or two; it is quite longer than that.

  2. If you are planning to have a get together with your friends or having a fancy date, share an entrance and the end split the bill. Most of the times, a larger portion is served in case of the split entrance which adds up to the bill and is also more than enough for two people. With sharing an entrance, you can enjoy some good time at a home while enjoying the light snacks and you are likely to get full early in the restaurant.

  3. Try to find out the “happy hours” of different restaurants. Happy hour is a great time where you can enjoy great food which is mostly "on the house". Yes, you can enjoy your favorite meals almost half price.

  4. Gone were the days, when people prefer fancy dinner dates. You can take out your girl or your boy on lunch date as well. The time is awesome as the sun shines at its brightest and you can enjoy some sumptuous meals while basking in sun. The lunch is way cheaper than dinner as you may get little extra “favors”. For instance, the main course meal for lunch along with soup and salad is way cheaper than that of a dinner.

  5. Why settle yourself with just “birthday bumps” when you can get some birthday discounts from your favorite restaurants. Yes and guess what, you can multiply this deal for every member in your family as well. You can easily sign up for the “birthday club” of some top restaurants in your area and you can enjoy your birthday over there easily. They can provide you with free appetizers or dessert. Sometimes they even offer you “buy one and get one coupon” which will help you in giving a treat too large group of friends. You can save up a lot in this way.

With these little tips, you can save up a lot on eating out.

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