5 VR marketing campaigns that engaged a large amount of audience

The virtual reality is the most effective way of creating a positive impact on the customers through the interactive feature of the technology. The technology is evolving throughout the years and used in different areas like education, entertainment, gaming, medical and now in marketing. The marketing is the area that tests the innovation and different ways in which a customer can be engaged to buy the product and service. VR marketing provides the interactive virtual experience of the product and service that is to be bought. It creates a direct impact on the minds of the customers.

Here are 5 VR marketing campaigns that engaged a positive audience response.

Coca-cola: deliver happiness in 360° - coca-cola on its 100th anniversary released a 360-degree video that features an inside look of coke bottling factory that turns out to be a celebration of the achievements of coca-cola. The video showed 360° of celebrations in the most interactive way. It was the leading strategy of a big brand in 360°.

Mission impossible: Tom cruise - Tom cruise for the movie promotion of the MI series used VR marketing as a medium to give the real experience behind the scenes. The audience experienced the joy of being in the movie with their favorite movie star through the technology. The strategy attracted a large amount of audience to come and watch the movie in the theaters.

Nike: the Neymar Jr. effect - Nike for the promotion of its new Hypervenom phantom shoes created a 360 degree VR experience featuring football superstar Neymar Jr. the audience is placed into the football field and the unique video gives the experience of being in the field with their favorite sports person. At the end of the video, the Nike shoes were introduced in the most innovative way.

Google: the hidden worlds of the national park- in this marketing campaign Google used 360° virtual reality experience to explore the hidden contents of the national parks. The idea of this campaign was to give the audience the space to explore the content. The campaign was developed under Goggle’s art and culture initiative.

Volvo: XC90 test drive - the automobile company Volvo used the VR technology for the new launch of their new car XC90. The idea of the campaign was to cover those areas where the company does not have showrooms and could not provide the test drive. This VR experience puts the rider into the cockpit and gives the virtual experience to drive the new XC90 in the most innovative way. It gives the other companies in the opportunity in the industry to make maximum reach through the technology and deliver the product in the most effective way.

VR marketing is the need of the future wherein different sectors it saves money and provides the real experience of product and service. Companies can save money on the demo and free samples and other aspects of the business. While looking into the scenarios it can be said VR technology is a revolution that changed the face of marketing.

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