5 Ways to Wake up Early in The Morning

You probably have seen your friends all organised and energetic even when they wake up so early in the morning. It may come as a bummer to you but because they wake up with the sunrise, they are all happy and energetic and are performing so good in every sphere of life as well. If you’re not a morning barperson and find it very hard to wake up with the sun, don’t worry. We have shortlisted a few ways that can help you in waking up early in the morning. Here they are:

1. Let’s keep it real unless you have an extra hour to sleep, hitting that snooze button won’t make you feel less tired. But if you keep your alarm out of reach, you have got another reason to get up from your bed as soon as you hear that “ANNOYING” sound. Gradually it will be your habit and your body‘s internal clock will be in sync with it. As a result, you will surely become the morning bird biding adieu to your night owl.

2. Another thing you can do is to open up the curtains and blinds of the bedroom. You can even step outside if you don’t have any of these in your room. You probably are aware of the fact that natural light can help in keeping your whole body clock on track and it also helps in getting your brain going. Also, the morning light is soothing unlike the annoying beeps of an alarm clock.

3. We are humans and there is something that excites us every time. So why not make that thing your reward for every morning. It can be enjoying your favourite breakfast while scrolling your favourite website or it can be a walk in the scenic park. Anything that excites you or keeps you on toes will help you in getting up from your bed and makes you feel less sleepy.

4. Morning coffee is good to bid adieu to sleep. Coffee has caffeine which stimulates the brain functioning by pumping up brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. The good thing is these chemicals triggers your energy levels, boost up your mood and also helps in keeping focused throughout the day. If you’re not that big a fan of coffee, you can for other healthy options as well including green tea or black tea. They aren’t just a good source of caffeine but have other healthy compounds as well. When they say that a single sip of coffee in the morning feels like heaven, they are stating some facts.

5. Exercise session in the morning is probably the last thing on the list of many people. But what if we tell you not only it will help with your body but also with being your “morning person”. If the first thing in the morning includes the workout session, then you surely be asleep easily. Not only that, but you will also feel more energetic and focused for the rest of the day. If you’re facing the problem of insomnia, then this exercise session along with Yoga will help you a lot.

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