6 Decor tips for Your Living Room

The living room sets the tone for the whole house. Its decor, its vibe and its colors, everything tends to form the first impression of your whole house interiors. It’s the p[lace where guests are lured, you gather up for some beautiful family gatherings, create some memories, so why not make it the best place of your entire house.

Here are 6 decor tips for your living room:

  1. Keep the colors for the end

The first thing that we decide upon is the color of the walls. We say don’t choose it first because you have got a palette with the whole deck of hues that can embellish your walls. Choose the color of the walls in the very end.

  1. Centre of attraction

There is always one thing in very space that becomes its “center of attraction”. You just have to find that thing and can choose other decor items in adherence to it. It can be anything your furniture or the painting on the wall or any statue or any wall idol.

  1. The game of furniture and rug

We tend to style our living space with furniture. The one pro tip is to make sure that all the legs of the major pieces are placed within the space of rug. It means that their legs should be on the rug. If that is not possible try to make sure that their front legs are on it at least. For the rest, make sure that the smaller pieces of furniture should be on it. Also, ensure that all the furniture is not pushed against the walls.

  1. The little conversation corners

Why do the experts suggest to not pushing all the furniture against the wall? Because those little space or corners between the walls and the furniture tend to become the coziest corners. These spaces are well suited for creating the intimate conversation areas too.

  1. The art of placing the artwork

Another mistake that people do is to hang the artwork too high. The artwork is too high that it almost touches the ceilings of the space. It shouldn’t be like that and that goes for every room of your house. In fact, they should be hanged at eye level. Yeah, we do understand the height differs from person to person but you can hang it at ideal altitude, slightly towards lower side than higher side.

  1. The lure of lightings

One thing to be very considerate about is to have the dimmer switch to every light in the living space. As the living space is usually the place where we tend to spend most of our time, make sure it has the switch for dim lightings as well as they are quite soothing for some intimate conversations. Also, you can be all playful with the little mix of task lightings and overhead. Table lamps, scones, floor lamps, you can add them all and tweak the “mood of living space” with these lightings anytime.

Your living room is your space which should be your “go to place”. So the pro tip is to style and decor it the way that it appeals you first.

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