6 Signs that Shows she is Totally into You

There is this saying that goes like, “you can never understand a woman”. But it isn’t that hard as well as they portray what all is there in their mind through little gestures. Understand the little games they play and you surely will understand whether they are into you or not.

1. Understand the game of eyes

Always remember that a woman will not express much in her words but in little gestures. Therefore you have to pay little attention to her eyes and her body language. Just because she isn’t talking to you directly, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to. Just try to catch the little messages she is sending. You can know a lot about the person and their feeling s by how they look at you.

2. Understand the game of her shyness

There is no doubt that if a girl really likes you or wants to have a relation with you, then she will try to get close to you. She will try to get close to you in every sense. She will not be shy when it comes to getting close to you in the physical and emotional sense as well. Understand the little messages like how she tries to sit close to you or how she pours her heart out without giving a second thought.

3. Understand the game of smile

When they say that people in love smile more often, it is absolutely right. It doesn’t have to be love necessarily. If she likes you, she will smile more often whenever you’re around. If a woman is constantly smiling whenever she is with you that simply means she is all comfortable with you. Your company is enjoyed and valued the most. Your presence can bring the most idyllic smile on her face.

4. Understand the game of attention

By attention, we mean that she will not be distracted or her attention is not distracted by phones or social media. You know how everyone is stick to their phones throughout the day and therefore they are connected to people via their phones while not paying enough attention to the person sitting right in front of you. So start noticing that when you two are together and all her attention is for you, she is seriously into you.

5. Understand the game of hair

When you see a girl playing with her hair whenever she is around you, then get this thing very straight that she is “INTERESTED” in you. Her playing with her hair doesn’t necessarily mean that she is all conscious when she is around you; it means that she playing with her in a playful way. This means she is all interested as this is a very subtle way to flirt.

6. Understand the game of blushing

There is no doubt that girls do start blushing as soon as she gets the compliment from a guy she is interested in. So whenever you are open up about how she makes you feel or compliment her over something, she will start blushing. Don’t take it for her shyness as it’s her real feelings that are shining right through her face.

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