7 Simple Steps To Increase One’s Productivity

Productivity can essentially be defined as a measurement of efficiency. Productivity is a key indicator of growth, a crucial aspect of success. The importance of productivity cannot be overemphasised. The increase in productivity can be direct to improved performance and hence success. Productivity is required in various walks of life and it’s important for all of us to work towards augmenting it. So the question becomes what are some ways to increase productivity. In this article, we will try to break down various ways of increasing productivity backed by studies and research into easy and simple steps to increase one’s productivity.

1.Make a Schedule: You should start by setting goals. Yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, daily goals and to achieve that goals work. Make a to-do list, mark-up your calendar and follow the plan. What sounds like a basic and commonly known tactic is hugely helpful and despite being talked about so often its usefulness is always under-estimated.

2. Introspect and find your most productive hours: Some of us are night owls, some early birds. We have to figure out what’s our most productive time and allot our tasks with a higher priority at that time of the day. Tasks with higher importance should be done when your productivity are at their highest.

3. Baby steps: Most of us procrastinate and avoid huge tasks because of the amount of work we assume it’s going to take. But what we need to do is get over the seemingly mammoth size of the task and break it into small objectives. Start by doing small things. Taking baby steps towards success is far better than mulling over not being able to make leaps. And soon enough we find ourselves completing the tasks which looked impossible at a time.

4. Assign your days' special roles: As you make up your weekly schedule, every day could be assigned and reserved for a particular type of activity. For example, you could have planning Thursdays, organising Tuesdays etc.

5. Avoid small tasks: Try to say “no” to small projects. They may seem like they would be completed immediately but in the long run, they distract you from your goals and slow down your growth. It is quite simple if you are spending all of your time putting out the fires around the house, you won’t be able to work and build an empire.

6. Manage your emails: You should allow two sessions a day to manage all your emails and voicemails. If we check our emails continuously we waste a lot of time in small-small units. One should have dedicated time slots for this task in their schedule.

7. Reviewing: To make sure that you are following the schedule and the schedule that you made is actually contributing towards your growth you should always review it. It helps one figure out what they have done efficiently and what could have been done better. Measuring results not only motivates us but also gives us a guide as to what needs to be changed to improve further.

At the end of the day, we need to believe in ourselves and in the fact that with deliberate efforts we can definitely improve our productivity.

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