7 Smart tips to Eat Healthy without Spending a Lot

If you’re following the misconception of “eating healthy is expensive”, then this post is just for you. A little change in your habits and with a few smart tips you too can eat healthy without spending a lot.

1. The first thing you can do is to shop for seasonal things. Yes, always remember that in-season products are very affordable to that of off-season produce. So you can have the research of what’s in the season and grab it. The good thing is you can freeze the products when you are not using them and later pull them back whenever the need arises. Don’t stock up a lot of meats and vegetable because they are perishable and won’t last forever.

2. One of the tips is to buy frozen and goods in bulk. Frozen fruits and vegetables along with canned goods and bulk foods like nuts, grains etc are surely on the non-pricey side. You probably don’t know about the high nutritional value and flavours of the frozen fruits and vegetables as they are handpicked as soon as they are ripe and then frozen within the next couple of hours. The good thing is they can easily be added into any meal and they last long as well.

3. Another thing you can do is to shop during sales which are quite constant at many grocery stores. Not only that, but these grocery stores also offer you the coupon booklets that can also be used in saving up a lot. You don’t have to worry when it comes to grabbing extra coupons as well. These often last for a while and there are good chances they will be utilised for good.

4. Another thing to do is to plan the meal and strictly stick to it. Planning always helps you in keeping track. You can easily plan and make the list of the things that you actually need and the things that can be used in other recopies as well. The best example for this is cooked quinoa which adds up to a healthy dinner and later if it is left, can be used for morning porridge which is another healthy breakfast.

5. You can easily get the food at cheap rates from the farmer’s market. You can easily get the best seasonal fruits from there and that too at so much less than what they used to sell in a grocery store. Another good thing is that they are fresher as they are available directly from the farms.

6. Don’t go shopping with cards. Always remember to bring the cash when you are going for shopping on the budget. With the limited cash that you carry, you can only spend the specific amount and that too on the items that you genuinely need. It also ensures that you don’t spend on anything unnecessary especially out of cravings or likings and not for their requirement.

7. Go for a variety of plant-based proteins as adding these nutrients in your diet is not only a healthy choice but it will cost you much less than spending a lot on animal products. You can go for tofu, lentils, nut butter, green peas, etc which are good sources of proteins and can save you some serious cash as well.

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