9 Effective Ways to Save Paper

We live in the digital world, yet we are dependent on paper for many things. You probably are aware of the fact this versatile and widely used “material” is made of trees. And to continue manufacturing it, industries are cutting more and more trees. Saving paper is no different than saving trees. Some of our little actions can have enormous effects, so here we are listing some of the ways in which you can save paper:

  1. Instead of paper napkins, try using cloth napkins. They are very elegant and classic and come in different colors and prints as well. They can add an appealing touch to even the modest of a feast. How about using them regularly at home? You can buy cloth napkins as per the interest of every family member. The little one can have a cloth napkin of superheroes or his favorite cartoon character. Your parents can have something in their favorite color or something with the print of their favorite movie. There are lots of options available.

  2. Instead of paper towels, try using kitchen towels or rags for cleaning. You can wash them and can use them again. Isn’t that a nice way to save money and paper as well?

  3. For small family gatherings or parties, instead of using paper cups and plates, try using the ones which are durable and washable. This is one sector where we can save a lot of o paper and trees. For larger gatherings too, you can use paper cups, plates and holders but make sure, they are made of recycled paper.

  4. Primarily it was plastic that concerns us and now it is paper that is one major issue as more and more trees are cut down in order to produce more and more paper bags. So instead of asking for paper bags, take your own reusable bags while grocery shopping or any other kinds of shopping.

  5. Another section in which you can save up a lot of paper is “toilets”. If every household can use recycled toilet paper instead of ones made of fresh paper, we can save a lot of paper.

  6. Also, one little thing that can lead to extensive savage of paper is the use of cloth napkins or handkerchiefs instead of tissues.

  7. One of the trends of today is to be all quirky and rustic. You can follow that too. So for gifting, try using old newspapers for wrapping them. There are many fancy clothes too which can be used in wrapping the gifts instead of following conventional styles with wrapping it all in fancy papers.

  8. Always use both sides of the paper. You can use the other side for making list before going shopping, or even for notes. You can use it for sketching or doodling as well instead of using a fresh paper for your art form. Even while printing, use both sides of the paper. You can incorporate that using “duplex” feature of printers. Using both sides of the paper is one effective way to save a lot of papers.

  9. Think twice before clicking that “print” button. Does it really need to be printed? Many times, we tend to press that print button unnecessarily. This leads to wastage of paper on extensive grounds if you’re printing that for reading, you can read it well on the screen too. You can enlarge the font for the better experience. Always give it a second thought before pressing the print button.

That’s the best thing about digitalization; it can save a lot of papers and trees as we have said it all without wasting a little piece of paper.

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