9 Things to Look for when Buying real Christmas Tree

Christmas is just around the corner and the melodies of the “jingle bells” and the “Christmas carols” are already delighting the country. But what about the most important part of every Christmas? The tree, have you got it? Or better have you just got the right Christmas tree? It is important. Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying a real Christmas tree:

  1. The first thing to check is whether the tree is healthy or not. There is one way you can do it which is by pulling the hand towards you all along the branch of the tree. If the tree is healthy, the needles will not fall, and if they do fall, you can go and check another tree.

  2. Another thing to be very considerate about is how long you want your Christmas tree to be. Christmas trees should ideally have at least the distance of 6 inches down from the ceiling. The tip of the tree and the ceiling should have that much clearance at least. If your tree is that long, then it’s perfect, if it’s not, you can add the height as well.

  3. Another thing to consider is the diameter of the tree. But here you have to work a little harder by measuring the diameter branch by branch. The lowest part usually has the thickest diameter and there you have to work for space as well.

  4. The breed of the Christmas tree is another significant consideration. There are many options available. We are mentioning some of the top selling among these:

  5. With its bright green hue, impressive needles and long expectancy rates, Scotch pine tops our list.

  6. With the blue-green color, a little sweet scent, White Pine is our second favored amongst the trees ideal as Christmas trees. If you are all into decorating the tree with some really heavy adornments, it is one ideal choice as the tree has great needle retention rate too.

  7. If you want a full-looking tree for your Christmas, then Douglas fir is exactly what you are looking for. The tree is blue-green in color with an alluring festive scent.

  8. Balsam Fir is bliss to choose a Christmas tree for its great shape, green-blue shades, and delightful scent.

  9. Another important thing to consider while buying the Christmas tree is the Treestand. The stand should hold the tree in its place in such a manner that either side of its trunk is not visible. You have to put it very carefully as well. Just for the show, don’t remove the bark of the tree as it helps the tree in holding water. If you do remove the bark, there are good chances that the tree will die.

PRO TIP: this is not a thing to keep in mind while buying the Christmas tree; it is after you bought it. It is essential to cut your own trees for a more fresh and delightful look as even the “pre-cut trees” have been cut way before you get it.

The tree forms the “show-stealer” of every Christmas. Make sure your Christmas tree is no different. Merry Christmas...!!

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