9 Tips for Neurosales

What does neuroselling mean and how to use it to sell more? For those of you who have not yet heard of this new phenomenon, it is an advanced way of selling, in line with the business science paradigms that began to emerge in the so-called "decade of the brain", characterized by the application of cognitive, affective and social neurosciences to the main areas of organizational management. That is, how can our sales strategies affect consumer decision-making. In this article we are going to cite some of the most outstanding concepts about the techniques established by the professional in Neurosales Jürgen Klaric.

1.85 % of the buying process is carried out unconsciously, the brain makes more decisions emotionally than rationally.

2. The 3x2 promotion has more down payment than the 50% discount promotion, while the company saves money since we are offering a lower discount (3x2 means a 33.3% discount), the brain of our consumer understand that you have received an unbeatable offer. This is due to what we mentioned before, the brain makes its decisions emotionally.

3. Always offer 3 options! Studies have shown that the brain feels the need to choose and that it reacts better if you choose between 3 alternatives. For example, A mobile phone seller will have more sales options if they show 3 featured phones than if they show all the available brands.

4. The consumer has evolved, is more informed, and the traditional salesperson technique has less and less credibility. You have to sell without selling, at this point we are going to highlight the importance of active listening, you must listen to your client, in this way you will know their needs and be able to offer them more effectively what they need.

5. Include the client in the conversation, how to do it? Use the "you". The brain reacts positively when you mention it in the conversation, you can boost the sale even more.

6. Gender influences, the female brain processes much more information and is more communicative than the male. If you want to sell to a man you must reduce the sales pitch, while if you sell to a woman you must increase them. This has been proven from scientific studies, so it seems that it is a biological question.

7. Fear sells. Let's understand it with an example, we all know the Red Bull company, all its campaigns are aimed at making consumers feel part of a community, making them feel integrated. By selling fear, we do not mean that you have to give the customer a hard time, but rather that you must detect its lack to introduce it as a sales pitch.

8. Causes your client to ask, if they don't ask questions, encourage them to ask them. Questions stimulate your brain and keep it interested.

9. You have to try to connect emotionally with your client, remember that the client is multi-channel, so you will have to use this technique in all the channels through which you communicate.

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