A Clean and Hygienic Commercial Restroom Can Contribute to Enhanced Customer Loyalty

The interior decoration of your office might be awesome and attractive, but your first impression for visitors lies in your commercial restroom. A dirty, unhygienic, smelly and improperly designed restroom can leave a negative impact, maybe through online reviews by visitors. A research article has claimed that an unclean restroom contributes to the spreading of the Covid19 virus.

Dirty restroom affects your business - maintaining cleanliness round the clock

The stinky, unhygienic, and unclean restroom can impact the health and mind of your staff and visitors. Researchers have proved that most of the germs and viruses are spread through the restroom. This may contaminate the foodstuff, and ruin your reputation in the market. A dirty restroom may be slippery and can cause accidents.

You may hire a trained and reliable person for the frequent and daily cleaning process. They should provide them with premium sanitizer, disinfectants, deodorizers, soap dispensers, and much more. You should not run out of stock for these restroom cleaning items.

They should be instructed to clean and sanitize the toilets, urinals, washbasin, dispensers, floors, walls, garbage can, and door handle on a daily basis before the office or shop opening time. Frequent cleaning may include spraying disinfectants and sanitizer in your restroom at a regular interval. This may also include changing the toilet paper, napkins, and cleaning the garbage bin.

You may hire a professional restroom cleaning company, like Enviro-Master Services in U.S.A, for your deep restroom cleaning. They are headquartered in Charlotte city in the North Carolina state of the U.S. and have been providing their services all over the cities of North America since 2009. They have a well-trained and well-equipped expertise team of professionals.

Their sanitizers and disinfectants are EPA certified and considered safe for consumers and eco-friendly. They offer commercial cleaning services like restroom cleaning, tile and grout cleaning drain treatment, and maintenance services, electrostatic spraying protection, paper management, hand hygiene, sanitizing, and disinfecting services.

Equipment and procedures required for your commercial restroom cleaning

Initially, you should wear hand gloves and goggles. You should start with cleaning mirrors, ceilings, fans, doors, and vents to remove dust. The toilet bowl, seat, and lid should be thoroughly cleaned and flushed, with eco-friendly chemicals and disinfectant, to remove hard water and stools strains. The bowl, lid, and seat should be wiped with a microfiber cloth to dry.

You should sweep and mop the floors to remove dirt and fluid. You can use a high-pressure water sprayer to remove soil strains. The sanitizer and deodorizer should be sprayed all over the restroom to get rid of germs and viruses. The extra water from the floor should be wiped out and vacuum dried. This drying will allow the restroom to be used immediately after cleaning. Lastly, flush the toilet, refill the soap dispenser, and replace the toilet paper.

We all might have needed a bathroom break while shopping. If the restrooms are dirt and smelly, your customers may leave your store to find a clean restroom somewhere else. Probably there will be a chance that they may not return back to your store for shopping. Taking small steps ensures your restroom is clean and shiny to keep your shoppers satisfied when they visit your store.

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