10 ways to improve your love life

Do you always date who you shouldn't? Fairy tales should definitely warn that love is very different in real life

Surely you have also thought that you finally found the love of your life, and for some reason, it turns out to be worse than the previous one. Don't worry, these 10 tips can help you find the right one for your heart.

1. Know yourself

It is very easy to fall for the ideals of your parents or friends about who would be your perfect match. We have bad news: They are not you and looking for what they say is a super big mistake.

You have to spend time with yourself and see what your heart really wants to be fully satisfied in a relationship.

2. Work on your insecurities

We all have insecurities, but these should not be an obstacle to your relationships. The level you value yourself is the level of the person you are going to attract.

Insecurities come from not feeling perfect, but perfection does not exist, so you have to learn to love yourself as you see yourself in front of the mirror.

3. Image is not everything

You are looking for a person who loves you forever, not a partner who makes you look good in front of everyone because you are beautiful.

We know that social pressure is difficult, but when all our energy is expended in maintaining something only for the sake of appearance, reality comes to light sooner or later.

4. Forget the list

Yes, you know, that list where it says that your next boyfriend has to be more something than you, 3 years older and with a profession where he makes a lot of money and has a lot of free time for you.

Even if your next beau had all of these attributes, chances are you wouldn't be happy. The ideal partner is not perfect for everyone, it is just perfect for you.

5. Forget the past

It's super hard to trust someone again after being hurt. Sadly, until you can forget and forgive, your relationships will always suffer from your old hurts from the past.

6. Seeking approval in the wrong places

Most people expect their entire family, friends, and acquaintances to approve of the decision to start a relationship with a new partner. However, the only one who can approve this is you.

7. Invest in yourself

Follow a daily exercise routine, stay aware of what you eat, study, and learn new things for yourself and not for someone else.

8. Relax
Getting involved in a relationship is not a race to the finish, but an investment in your future. Sit together watch some romantic movies or anime on Kissanime, Netflix, or Amazon prime, it will help you to relax. It's all a matter of time, don't try to speed things up because you'll end up where you started.

9. Define boundaries between you and your partner

They should always define limits, expectations, and the "non-negotiables" before committing to a new relationship. This will definitely make a healthy coexistence easier.

10. Never settle

Once you define what you deserve, you can find that strong partner who has been waiting for you.

The most important thing is that this way it will be clearer to you what you are worth and you will not settle for something less.

it's not very hard to live together and spend a happy life all you have to do follow some simple rules and respect each other personal space.

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