3 Winter Skin Care Tips

It’s the season of snowflakes... it’s the season of making a snowman... it’s the season of Christmas... winters are finally here. There is no doubt that we love the season so much, but the dry and chilly winds of winter aren’t that in love with our skin. Yes, these winds and cold breeze of winters affect our skin badly and hence it is necessary to take care of our skin well in winters. Here we have listed some winter skin care tips:

Lukewarm water is your friend for chilly winters

Hot showers and hot water bath in the tub is quite tempting as the temperature falls down. But one thing to be very careful of is to avoid them at the most if you love your skin. Instead of it, you can use lukewarm water to shower and to wash your face as well. Hot showers might soothe you but they dry your skin too. In fact, your skin might develop visible cracks if you do not moisturise it immediately. In winters skin tend to dry very quickly and very rapidly. Hence it is suggested to have your shower with lukewarm water, and later apply the moisturiser. One thing to be considerate about in winter is to use the moisturiser that has ceramides and hyaluronic acid in it. It will prevent the skin dryness, keeping the moisture intact.

Hydrating winters

We know that water might not be your favourite thing in winter. But one thing to note is that your skin tends to dry more in winters. Air is quite dry in winters and hence your body loses water very rapidly in winters. Therefore it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated in winters as well. You might not feel as thirsty in winters like that in other seasons, but maintaining the standard intake is necessary. This is good for your skin and for your health as well. If it is possible on your end, try to have a humidifier installed at your living space. This is another booster to keep your skin healthy and happy.

Different skin regime

We know how happy you were with your skin care routine in summers. Your skin might turn to all glowy and bright like the sunny summers. But the thing that suits in summer might not go well in winters. Yes and hence you need to change your skin care products in adherence to seasonal change. For winters, it is suggested to go with mild products. Also, one important thing to keep in mind is to moisturise your skin regularly. Hence you can go for cleansers that contain moisturisers. Dry skin might lead to breakouts in the skin, that’s when you should use products rich in hyaluronic acid, ceramides along with hydrating serums. You need to protect the natural moisture of your skin as well. Try to avoid waxing in winters. Masks and peels should also be avoided along with the products that have alcohol in them. It might dry your skin which you surely don’t want.

Happy winters people…!!!

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