4 Don’ts on Your First Date

There are lot of things you are bombarded with how to do it or what to do on your first date. We know it’s pretty exciting as it’s an experience of its own kind. You will remember it for all your life for good or bad reasons. But make sure your date also remembers this time with you and only for good reasons. Therefore for this post, we are discussing some of the things you should not do on the date. yes it is very important to consider all the things you have to say no-no to on your first big date or else you might crush it badly. So, here it goes:

Don’t just do the SELF-TALKING

Yes, the biggest turn-off on a date is when you talk only about yourself. There is no doubt that your life is all fascinating and an interesting thing to discuss. But you are on a date and it’s not just about you so give some consideration to him or her as well and ask them about their life too. It shows that you are here for a date and are genuinely interested in knowing the other person. Also don’t forget that by paying attention and showing interest are some elementary but great seduction techniques. All a person want is to feel special for those few moments. Also by you can know whether the person is genuine enough for long term thing or not.

Don’t set the expectations for the date too soon

It’s just a date and that too for the first time, some it’s better to set out your expectations too soon for the date. You should not jump directly to the subject no matter whether you’re looking for a serious relationship, a fling or there just for the hook-up. Take things easy and slow and don’t just make things awkward and uneasy with setting expectations too soon. You can ask your date about the things that they are looking for. Don’t make any promises if you’re not in the position or mindset to fulfil them, now and in future.

Say a big no-no to Talking “Ex”

Yes this thing goes without saying that you don’t have to give them the speech about any of your past relationships unless it is asked. So, don’t just start talking about your “exes” or even ask about it on the first date. It is one dangerous territory and might make the whole thing or set up weird. You can easily spot in persons whether they have moved on from a previous relationship or not. Try noticing little details and not making it too vague or obvious.

Suggesting your place as spot for date

Don’t just rush in suggesting your place as the spot for the first date. We know you probably are excited and happy that he or she has agreed to go out with you on a date, but doesn’t mean ypour place id ideal for this set up. Also it doesn’t send any good message.

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