5 Basic Nail CareTips

Are your fingernails strong and healthy looking? Are you seeing any dents or nails with uneven ends or color? Do you have brittle nails? Our fingernails are as important as any other body part. But we tend to fail in taking the right care of them. Then maybe it’s painting them with bold colors without a cover coat or pulling off hangnails instead of clipping off with a nail cutter. Many people after reading this are nodding with “guilty as charged” expression on their face. So if you too are among those, here are five basic tips that will help you in taking care of your nails:

To keep your hand clean: This is no new concept but the primary thing to do is to keep sure that your nails and the skin around them are clean and dirt free. With the help of acetone, you can remove all the traces of the last nail paint you had. Later with the help of the toothbrush and mild soap you can gently scrub the nails and the skin around them as well. This ensures you nails and cleans and the skin around them is well exfoliated and that the dead skin is all out. Just be gentle while exfoliating.

Be gentle with your nails: Like any other body part, these are gentle as well. Don’t scrub them roughly as it makes them more prone to infection. Another thing to consider in nail gentle care is to say a big no-no to a metal plate for digging under the nail. These metallic plates are very harmful as they separate the nail from the skin attached to it which ultimately leads to nail tip with a white arch.

Nail cutters are your best friend: We say the same for the scissors in the context of hair and the same goes for the nail cutter too in the context of nails. You need to regularly trim them. This is one good way to take care of the nails. We know how much every woman adores the long nails. But if you’re struggling with breakage or snags, it is essential to trim them out at regular intervals. With round edges, the short nails also tend to give the very fine appearance. They look neat and elegant and take much less time for maintenance in comparison to long nails. This way you can easily focus on building them strongly to save them from continuous breakage or snags.

Always keep your emery board on hand: This is one thing to keep in mind that you always need to keep the emery board o hand. This is quite significant for women indulged in some “wear-and-tear” regimes like gym or sports. You can take care of your rough edges and smooth them.

Don’t cut your cuticles: Cuticles are very significant as they tend to seal the base area of the nails. So if you tend to remove these protective layers, you are exposing your nails to bacterial and other severe infection. So it’s better to leave the cuticles of nails.

These tips will help you in taking good care of your nails.

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