5 Reasons Your Website Isn't Generating Leads

As the days pass by websites and SEO pages are gaining popularity. As fast as the gain their popularity, the market is turning even more competitive for the websites with new launches almost every day. In this ever-changing competitive field, companies need to be more focused and need to strategies their actions in a better way to survive in this race.

But while you are to market using a website, creating an attractive website and building traffic is just the beginning. To gain profit and increase your business more dramatically, you have to know how to generate leads from your website traffic. Cause just like your website traffic is needed to attract customers you need to hold and lure them buy your products as well.

If you can generate traffic successfully but then they are bouncing off to other websites then it is very frustrating. If handled carefully, this issue can be resolved very easily.

Unaware of The Target Audience

Just like any other medium of sales or Digital Marketing services, you always need to know and understand your audience better. There is no difference here in the case of online marketing.

To grow your business, you always need to understand your customers and their needs better. So, while making your website try to know your audience better and develop your website according to that, and how they prefer it to be delivered to them. Cause, customer satisfaction is always the real deal behind a business’s success.

So, don’t just leave naming an industry but try to figure out your target audience and know them better. For that, you can study customer behavior in that particular sector in recent years.

Absent or Confusing CTA

CTA or Call to Action is one of the prime sources to channel your visitors to buy your products.

A Call to Action button is the quicker to drive the customers. So, you must include a CTA button on your landing page to have a better result. While having a CTA button, make sure that your CTA button is well noticeable to the customers. Hence, it should be clear, eye-catching and prominent.

Just like not adding a prominent CTA it is always better to have only one. Just like they say, “Anything too much is not Good” - the same goes for CTA as well. Too many CTA in one single page can confuse the visitors. It’s always good to have a CTA buy now for the pages. For a longer page, you can add a related product CTA but not more than that.

To generate more buyers, you can include pop up with your page. With this, when you suspect the visitor might leave you page or click that back button, you can bring up a pop-up icon on the screen.

But if you are having a short landing page, it’s always preferable to have a single CTA.

While adding a CTA make sure the CTA is appropriate for your purpose. Like, for an eMusic app it can by listening to the sample or for an eBook site your CTA might be a download sample or buy now. But always make sure that you add a CTA that will serve the purpose well.

Complicated Web Forms

While selling a product having all the important details of the customer is always beneficial. But while making a web form making sure that your customer won’t get bored while filling this form. Cause, filling form that is way too long isn’t something that customers prefer. It is a proven fact that minimalist web forms tend to perform better.

So, try to design your lead form with as little information as it is possible for you. For the basic, just ask for the name and mail ID from the visitors. The result will be surprising for you, as you will be able to generate at least 5 times more leads than you did.

Lack of Conversation Page

With your business page, if you are lacking a conversation page then you are going to fall behind in the race. Cause conversation page also popularly known as landing page plays a very important role in the case of lead-generating websites.

These pages let your customers download catalogs, guides, whitepapers, etc. By adding a few information in your web form.

Most of the leads that one finds on their website are generated through these landing pages. A landing page helps your customers to have an idea about you and your website. At the same time, these pages help to explain benefits, and also provide contexts.

Your Landing Page Is Not Mobile Friendly

If we call the 21st century as the era of mobile that shouldn’t be wrong. Lately, the number of website visitors that uses phones is more than that of those who use desktop. So, you must be careful about making your web page mobile-friendly to gain more visitors.

Not having a mobile-friendly web page even also earn you some negatively marking on Google and other search tools that will never be favorable for your business. Similarly, not having a mobile-friendly website might affect your website’s conversion rate.


While preparing a website for business purposes, always make sure that you keep these points in mind.

At the same time, make sure to focus on your web design. A website without an attractive design cannot draw visitors to you. While surfing, visitors will always opt for the attractive ones and eye-catching. So, design your web page according to that. But while designing your website make sure you have applied a design that matches your purpose.

Also, make sure that your website doesn’t take way too much time to download. A site that takes several seconds to download will always be avoided by the users. To avoid slow download, avoid adding big files or pictures that will take a lot of time to load.

When you are making a website for business purposes, don’t forget to promote it well. Cause to get customers, the first thing you know is to be familiar in the market place. So, try to promote your business on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr.

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