5 Techniques to be A Good Speaker for Public Events

You probably have heard a lot about being the good listener, but have ever heard of how difficult it is to be a good speaker too. Yes, becoming a good speaker requires a lot more than we give it credit for. Driving audience attention, engaging them throughout, convincing them while speaking to them, it takes more than guts to be a good speaker. Here we have mentioned 5 techniques that polish your skill as a speaker for public events:

  1. Only connect the audience with each other:

Have you ever been to a concert before? If no, you at least have watched it on Television or have heard of radio shows. Do you find anything similar except crowd totally mad for them? It is how they address the audience as in whole. For instance, they say, Hello LA!!! Or Hello Stans! Anything that is common to every person presents there with a hello can bind them together and with you as well. Public speaking events are no different than that. All you have to do is to connect the audience with each other. You can mention the cause of their gathering or the event so that they can even feel to pay a heed and listen to others.

  1. Don’t forget your intentions

It simply means that you don’t have to off track or let your audience wander into a world of nothingness. For that, you can keep going back to the beginning which means simply mentioning the theme of your presentation. You should mention it in your flow so as to let the audience know its significance and even they can link back to your “primary intention” or initial thesis. Just going with the flow without the mention of beginnings may drive the audience into some other zone as well.

  1. Give a brief about the significance of the event

You just don’t have to blabber everything around the vent, you have to mention the core of it as well. Mentioning the significance of the presentation or the public event is another way to drive their engagement.

  1. The key to engagement is entertainment

Entertainment is not always about funny or comedy and there are events where these things might offend the interest or conduct. But the entertaining audience is one good way to engage them. You can use some narratives visa wee the overall theme of the event. Engaging customers is the primary thing that every speaker aims at. And for this, you have to include some anecdotes they can easily relate with and which make them relate to the incident as a part of the speech.

  1. Connect with them on emotional grounds:

One of the best traits you can have as a speaker is to connect with your audience emotionally. Only when you make your audience emotionally involved with your words, the purpose will be fulfilled. There are many ways you can do that. Sharing personal experiences if you have any or sharing videos and pictures from real-life incidents, sharing statistical data to back up your point are some of it. They help the audience to relate to it in a more realistic manner.

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