5 Vital Steps to Deal with Negative Feedback

For the success of your business, customer satisfaction is of so much importance. If you are having a B2B company then also you have to focus on customer satisfaction. It is a fact that the customers cannot be satisfied 100 %. They always want to tell you the problems faced by them while dealing with your company. This is the main reason when an event is organized by you, you will get negative feedback about your company from the people attending the event. Now I am going to tell you 5 vital steps to deal with the negative feedback.

1. A post-event survey should be included – The customers who are unhappy always want to put their problems in front of you. They can tell their problems in a constructive way in a post-event survey. By doing this the chances of using social media for putting complaints by the customers are reduced which they normally do if they think that their complaints are not taken seriously by anybody. Up to 10 questions should be included in the post-event survey. Apart from answering the questions some customers may also want to put their comments and for that a separate section should be provided. By doing this you can listen to the issues of the customers and resolve these so that they feel that a proper response has been given for their problems.

2. Use social media to give response to negative feedback – Some people do not address their problems in the post-event surveys. One important thing to know is that negative comments should not be deleted. By doing this you are hiding the grievances of the customer. It clearly indicates that you are not taking interest in addressing their problems. You should leave your phone number or company email while giving response to a comment that is negative. By doing this the customer will feel that you are communicating with him privately. If you are handling the issue offline then it is the best solution for dealing with the issue.

3. Handle a persistent complainer in a different way – There are some people who want that their problem should be heard by most of the people on social media. They put negative comments continuously. If they have not used foul language for the employees of your company then you should not block them. You have to deal with such kind of people in the same way as you are dealing with the people who are actually grieved. Supportive questions should be asked by you from them and you have to be calm and courteous. It will be better if you are handling the problem offline.

4. Complaints must be tracked by you – There can be so many followers on social media for a well-established company. So, it is not possible to give a response to every comment put by the followers. For managing the tracking of comments, it is advised to use some tools of social networking. To make sure that a negative feedback is not is not skipped by you it is necessary to track the comments by making the use of these tools. Some of the tools are:

  • Mention – By using this tool in real time the comments of social media can be handled very easily. The social networking site need not be signed by you in a new window. Rather you can use the application to give response to the comments directly.
  • Trackur – The comments and trending topics can be easily detected by using this tool and it doesn’t matter whether a lot of platforms of social networking are used by your company by having a profile on all these.
  • Brandwatch – There are some tweets that need to be focused by you. Remaining is not important. With this tool if certain hashtags and specific keywords are used in the tweets only then you will be notified. For this purpose, there are filtering tools in the Brandwatch.
  • Google Alerts – This tool will help you in a way that if specific keywords are used in the comments then a push notification or an email will be sent to you by the Google Alerts. The page needs not to be refreshed consistently.

5. A negative comment should not be avoided completely – You have to give response to each comment. By doing this your fan count will increase and people will take interest in your company. So, always remember that you cannot avoid negative comments but only can minimize it.

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