Best Colors for your Bedroom Walls

Colours are very influential. So if you’re planning to set a crazy, intimate and calming tone for your bedroom, continue reading this blog as we are suggesting 4 colours that will help you in this. These colours will help you in reducing the stress levels and anxiety along with promoting relaxation.

After a long tiring day, we look forward to something that helps us in calming our nerves. These cool colours will help you with that as well. Not only that, these colours can make a small space, look more expansive as well. For your bedroom, choose colours that are soothing and serene to just lie down and have some quality time all by yourself or with your partner. So what’s your pick of these four colours?

  1. Lavender to add more sophistication

You probably are thinking that this is just another shade of purple that will make your room no different than a teenager’s bedroom. But it’s not going to make it like that, instead, a master bedroom with the muted lavender walls looks more sophisticated. This colour is proved to be stress reducing. So if you’re looking to create a more calming aura at your space, this colour is your answer. The colour is obviously a cool hue so you can choose warm hues for flooring.

  1. Dark grey-blue for adding a blend of drama and calmness

The first thing you need to understand is that its soothing and calming colours need not be equally boring. The colour which holds the vibrancy and tranquillity and goes perfectly as the blended colour for bedroom wall is Dark grey-blue. The vibe is very calm and cool and is one of the preferred choices of the contemporary colour palette for bedroom walls. The good thing is that the colour looks very collected and you can easily accentuate the whole space with a large piece of artwork on the wall or even a heavily decorated headboard of the bed.

Now the pro tip is to include materials that are warm-hued as they will be the best that can complement the cool colour pallet.

  1. Soft green to add more neutral blends

Green is one colour that has both warm and cool elements. The colour is one of the most preferred choices for the bedroom as the colour has got various shades and you can choose anything that strikes your soul.

As for light green walls, they will create a more neutral aura for space; they also bring the serene charms along with the feelings of contentment.

  1. Soft grey for adding tranquil charms

If you’re someone who is fond of soft colour pallet, then soft grey is one ideal choice. it will not be as elementary and boring as completely white. Yes, rooms with all white walls and ceilings look quite cold and feel like there is no life in it. By adding the tinge of grey, you can add the breath of fresh air. This lightens up the room as well and makes it look spacious and bright enough.

You can pair up this colour walls with dark colour elements. Dark grey forms the best option.

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