Best Payment Gateways to Use in 2019 for Online Payment

We can see that how much digitalization has grown in last few years. The best example we can see of digitalization is the increasing market of payment gateways and also many has become so popular and if we say in common language then the online payment market is earning maximum profit in today’s scenario. Now let’s see some of best payment gateways that can be used in year 2019 for online payment –

  1. PayPal: - PayPal is an android and iOS application that is used for online payments. It is mainly used when you need to do some overseas payment. This application also helps user to add money to their PayPal wallet or you can directly make payment from your bank account by using this app within few minutes. This application is more famous due to its international market and accepts payments from anywhere across globe.

  2. Paytm: - The biggest financial application running in India for online payments. Paytm initially comes to market as an application for paying bills online. Now it has grown so large that you can do multiple task through paytm application. These multiple task includes mobile recharge, online shopping, online bill payment, buying almost everything online and also you can make payment on other application using paytm. Paytm also has its own wallet in which you can add money and after whenever you do any transaction then the money will be deducted from your wallet. In India mostly every large scale business to low scale business everyone takes online payment through paytm.

  3. Google Pay: - Initially this app starts with another name tez and then it is renamed by google pay. This is the app which is handled and launch by the google corporation whose product google search engine is almost used by everyone in this world. This application initially provide user to transfer money from one person to another directly into their account through online mode and this transaction usually takes less than 5 minutes. As later when they released new updates then they added more features of adding some online payments directly like you can do recharge from this application and also can pay bills like electricity bills through this application. Like other applications this application does not have its own wallet it directly do transfers through bank account. And today it becomes one popular application for online payments.

  4. Phone Pay: - Phone Pay is the second largest financial application that runs in India. Phone pay also helps you to do online transfers, mobile recharges and paying bills online.

  5. Bhim App :- This application is launched by Indian government for online money transfer from one bank to another. This also becomes popular to make transfers directly to accounts using account info.

Apart from there are a lot of application that are present in market but the above mentioned applications are trusted by almost everyone and also customers are satisfied with these application performances. On basis of their performance they get value in market and becomes best payment applications.

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