Deadliest & Uncured Coronavirus And The Updates

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that spreads by contact with infected people, things, and materials. Coronavirus broke out very first in Wuhan city of China in December 2019 that’s why it is named COVID-19. Fever, cough, shortness of breath that can go up to pneumonia and respiratory failure are the characterized symptoms of Coronavirus. In severe conditions, it can cause kidney failure and death too.

There is no confirmed cure available for this severe disease. The suggested way to safeguard yourself from the infection is to take precautions and avoid public gatherings. The recommendations to prevent the contamination of the virus are washing your hands with sanitizer on a regular basis, covering your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and cooking your food in a thorough manner. Avoid contact with the people who show symptoms of respiratory problems or illness. Staying home is the best cure and precaution in the present scenario.

WHO has announced an emergency to fight against Coronavirus. WHO has issued awareness guidelines in the public domain. All the member countries are taking care of the infected people and trying to quarantine them to make the further spread of this virus minimal. All world leaders and organizations are considering strict and required steps to control and find a cure for this evil pandemic as soon as possible.

Quarantine and lockdowns are forcing the world to apply all the measures seriously to curb the coronavirus immediately. It has severely disrupted the daily wages of workers, policymakers, and investors across the world. It has loomed as a worry among the investors and employers which has forced them to cut staff while there is a recession-like situation in the global economy.

The European Central Bank and American President Donald Trump and congressional leaders have announced an $82 billion and $1 trillion emergency fund to assist small businesses and airlines. Many countries are providing paid leaves and leverage of work from home to employees to keep the infection under control and avoid economic crises.

Since its outbreak, Italy recorded 475 deaths in a single day, maximum across the globe. But there is some hope and positive news from China that the country did not report any new infection cases on Thursday since the outbreak of the epidemic in December last year. The number of positive cases all over the world has touched the toll of 200000. There are some cases appearing to be diagnosed and cured as well in some countries.

The perpetual spread of infection is prompting the discharge of works and workers which is forcing governments, authorities, and especially doctors to be prepared for the worst. On Wednesday President Trump coined the term “ Chinese Virus” for Coronavirus. He clarified that “ It comes from China, that is why I rebranded it as Chinese Virus and it is not racial” ( President Trump said in an interview).

An economic turmoil has ignited by the Corona pandemic and policymakers and investors are stepping up their responses to counter this crisis globally. All the governments and businesses are trying hard to curb the epidemic as soon as possible.

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