Essential Checklist for your Office Interior Design

Gone are the days when offices used to be boring spaces with basic tables and chairs and outdated computers. The modern times have given rise to a huge corporate and private workforce that prefers working in inspiring and creatively-planned workplaces. The days when the workplaces used to be a stiff environment with uncomfortable and haphazard pieces of furniture put together are long gone. With the advent of private companies, MNCs, start-ups and ergonomic work environments, offices have become more comfortable. The officer interior designing has become an actual trend, and almost all the workplaces go for it. If you are also considering it, we have some really beneficial tips for you.

We have compiled an essential checklist with the top trends in office interior designing that can be used in setups of any scale, any type and at any location. Even if you have a private and small office at your home, or have a study room, you can follow the trends given here. So, read on and make your workspace a better and more energetic place. The following checklist is compiled from tips from some of the best office interior designers in Kochi, and is going to make your offices really inspiring spaces.

Checklist For Your Office Interior Design

Familiarize yourself with these aspects that can make your office interior design stand out from the rest. Some of them are discussed below

Soothing Colour Theme:

The overall colour theme can have a big impact on your brain and mood. The colours for the office should be chosen, keeping many things in mind. Choosing too dark colours can make the work environment gloomy. On the other hand, if you have a big setup, the light colours will get dirty quickly and call for intensive maintenance efforts.

Hence, one of the best and the safest options is to opt for gradient colours on the walls and contrasting furnishings. For example, you can use the gradient stripes of light blue, cerulean, off-white and grey on the walls. Opt for the washable paints that are easy to wipe and clean. For furniture, you can choose light wood colours or contrasting colours that go well with the colours on the walls.

You can shop for the office furnishings online as well to reduce the physical effort. There are many online marketplaces to find a plethora of furniture and other essentials for homes and offices. While shopping online, you can also make use of the various offers and promotional discounts that allow you to enjoy savings and shopping at the same time.

Open Layout that can be adjusted:

Organize your office such that you can modify it anytime as needs arise in the future. Instead of having rigid and fixed boundaries between different working areas, opt for movable boundaries and partitions. Opt for open bay areas. If having cubicles is a must for your official setup, go for flexible boundaries that can be modified and altered without much ado in future.

This type of arrangement suits the start-ups as well. The start-ups or small offices can just make changes as per the requirements. The seating arrangement for employees is not limited to private tables and chairs; they can sit at a large table with ergonomic sitting installations instead.

For designing the private cabins, the rigid cardboard and cemented partitions have given way to the beautiful and semi-transparent glass. These glass windows allow for easy monitoring and seem to make the boss accessible ‘always’..!!

Ergonomic Furniture:

The ergonomic and adjustable furniture is trending these days in office and home interiors. This furniture comprises all the pieces that can be customized as per the needs of a person. For example tables and chairs with height adjustment and adjustable ergonomic sitting are getting popular. You can also choose tables that come with customizable storage areas which are helpful if one has to draw or design on sheets or cut fabrics etc. The office space interiors are becoming better with the passing time.

Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms:

The conference rooms, meeting areas and presentation areas etc. are designed in a trendy manner these days. From colours to seating and from wall décor to ceiling décor – everything is classy and unique. Many conference rooms come with the vending machines and water dispensers that come handy during long meetings and discussion sessions. The storage cabinets, TV and Projector Consoles are also high-end models with smart features.

Smart Screens and LED Screens as walls:

This is one of the most impressive trends in office interior designing. The mundane and blank walls are getting replaced by lively LED screens with brilliant graphics rolling on them for the entire day. Many offices also have smart screens and LED displays for circulars and daily motivational quotes.

You can also use smart screens for office competitions and contests etc. Dissemination of important information, announcements and agenda of the week etc can also be shared on such screens for the entire staff.

Plants and Indoor Gardens:

The indoor plants; air-purifying plants, decorative plants and bonsai are also trending these days in the office interior designing. Many offices with big spaces also have indoor gardens which is an extremely beautiful sight to look at. Keeping a beautiful indoor plantation also keeps the offices airy, free of indoor pollution and more refreshing. You can also install plants and landscape gardens in office lobbies, bay areas and cabins.

These are some of the latest trends and currently, the must-haves in office interior designing that you can follow.

Always remember that interior designing can get really expensive if you don’t keep things in check. So, always supervise the purchase and installations of everything. And, don’t forget to consult some reputed and expert interior designers to keep the décor in your budget.

We hope that the above checklist for your office interior design gives amazing ideas to all our readers for fantastic offices. Please share your reviews and opinions with us in the comment section and we will surely reach out to all of the incoming queries.

Thanks for reading!

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