Hacks to Book Cheap Flights

If you’re someone who travels a lot, there are strong chances that airfares are costing you nothing less than a fortune. People who travel a lot or even people who have to travel via flight complain a lot about how expensive it is to travel via airways. So if you’re also struggling and whining about the airfares, we have got you an extensive list of air-fare hacks that can save you a lot of money.

  1. Search for one ticket at a time

That may seem to be a tiring job, but searching for one ticket at a time will help you in saving up on cost. Even if you’re planning it in a group, go for searching one ticket at one single time. For instance, if you’re booking for 5 seats and there is one seat left with the lowest fare, the airline will automatically show you the group of required seats with the highest fare. Hence you should look for one seat at a time in case there are very limited seats with low fares or discount deals.

Another pro tip is if you are able to book one ticket at a low fare and have the options to select a seat, you can pick one next to the empty seat and then book the empty seat too immediately after that. It will be a little tedious but you can end up saving a lot.

  1. Try to book them during midweek:

There is no hack in it and you probably know this but you can save up a lot if you book for flight tickets during midweek. Most airlines tend to launch the midweek sales. Like they commence it on Tuesdays and end them on Thursdays, so you can easily book them during the period. Don’t set this search for the weekends. You can keep a close check on fare sales as the airline tends to promote them two to three months in prior. Also, you can easily get the time of 18-20 day advance purchase.

You can easily plan your flight on any one of the three days-Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. We know that including Saturday in it completely contradict to what we mentioned above but there is one good reason. On these three days, airplanes tend to have the lowest fares and they aren’t that busy too.

  1. Try to seal on Package deals:

Try to book the package instead of just an air ticket. It is quite economical to book a package of hotel accommodation with air flight rather than booking the two separately. You can get the best discounts on these packages as well.

  1. Alternate airports

The second tip in this is doing just eliminate or exclude the options of alternate airports. The other airport might be easily accessible by your place but choosing an alternate airport is comparatively much lower.

These are some of the tips and hacks that can help you in saving a lot on airfares and help you with booking a cheap flight.

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