How To Convert Visitors To Customers For Your Magento Store

Your initial success in business is seeing dramatic growth in the number of visitors to your site. Who wouldn't want to see such results?

But visitors alone cannot equate the success of a business enterprise. To reap the benefits of attractiveness, you need to convert at least some of those visitors into customers, that's a real challenge. Fortunately, there are many useful tips and tactics to help you turn a popular website into a profitable one.

There are many strategies to attract visitors and then convert them to customers. Let's see what these strategies are.

  1. Engage with mobile visitors

Thanks to technological magento developments, everyone has their own smartphone. Following the trend, smartphone users and buyers are also steadily increasing. Therefore, one of the best ways to attract potential customers is from their smartphone.

First of all, you need to have a website suitable for mobile devices like Landofcoder, Webkul, etc. Visitors may stumble upon your website and if you manage to make a good impression they will immediately be your customers and buy your products ASAP. You can use this strategy to attract more customers and help you dramatically increase your sales numbers.

2. Create a secure online store

Nowadays, customers are faced with many choices when shopping online. They may be skeptical when looking for the most secure online store to protect their personal information. Specifically, your online store is a clearinghouse of confidential information, such as a customer's credit card number, address, and many other important personal information. For this reason, ensuring the safety of your customers is an essential function.

To avoid any unwanted issues, make sure your online store is protected against threats and hackers with SSL certificate, updated to latest version, have full backup and password protected.

3. Information and description of the most attractive product

You may be confused between two notions of product information and description. The product information should be clear and precise, as it determines whether or not it is suitable for a customer. The product description, on the other hand, leaves room for creativity.

Using a few attractive phrases to indicate what the product can do attract visitors to the product page. From there, they should be able to see the facts about how the product works, what it can do, how much it costs, if the product can be customized, and how long would take delivery.

However, sprucing up the product information page might not be a good idea. It might work for a few people, but remember you want to maximize your profits. So, only present information that can also be verified from external sources.

4. Be reachable

You might have a great site with products to sell, but if your customer services aren't up to par, there's a good chance you will lose customers and visitors to your website. After reviewing your products, they may have questions or doubts after viewing certain pages or products. This is when they need someone to help or advise them.

Your customer support is one of your main selling points. If you can't answer their questions or clear up their doubts on a regular basis, they will leave your store and lead to lower sales and lower conversion rates. To avoid such situations and increase conversion rates, you should create an easy-to-access contact page, create support forms, chat live, send email, phone support and see what works best for you. your company.

5. Effectively use email marketing

Email can be considered one of the oldest marketing channels, but it is also one of the top choices for increasing traffic or sales, but also a tool for converting visitors into loyal customers. Whenever visitors visit your site, you can create a form or newsletter to ask them for information, if they need information about your products. Once these emails are collected, you can send your customers information about new products, promotions, Black Friday sales, etc all those functionality is available at Bigcommerce Mailchimp easily. from emails with the title Killer in order to attract and engage them. steer towards your offer. Visitors can expose and deepen your products and decide whether they want to buy or not.

However, you need to make sure that the email format contains useful, interactive content, promotes, and offers product suggestions. There are some advantages to using email as a marketing tool. Inexpensive, calls to action oriented, easy to create, easy to measure, easy to share, are immediate, etc.

Once you've got a customer, you can also use the Email Tracking feature. It can help you send email based on customer activities like order status change etc. It will engage and maintain your customer's interest.

6. Attract visitors to a loyalty program

One of the most effective ways to convince visitors to become customers is to offer them the opportunity to earn loyalty points when they sign up / log in / buy on your site. After any action, visitors get points redeemed on their accounts, which can lead them to become potential customers. Subsequently, each time they log into their account, they get more points for purchasing your products. It's a quick and easy process to earn and spend points.

In addition, your visitors can be rewarded with many other activities such as:

  • Rewards for purchasing items in bulk

  • Rewards for registrations

  • Rewards for purchasing specific products

  • Rewards for sales

  • Rewards for the likes of Google

  • Rewards for a total number of orders

  • Rewards for shipping address

  • Membership Rewards

  • Rewards for comments and ratings

  • Wish list rewards

  • Rewards for registrations

  • Rewards for Facebook likes

  • Rewards for adding a product review

  • Rewards for special events

  • Rewards for Facebook shares

  • Rewards for tweets on Twitter

  • Rewards for Pinterest Pins

  • Rewards for customer referrals

  • Awards by referral

And much more …

7. Optimize the payment process

When your visitors visit your online store, they want to know everything about your products. It's great if they're interested in something and have the urge to make a purchase right away. How can you impress them and get them to become real clients or even close clients? It depends on your payment process whether you save time or not. The more convenient your checkout page, the more visitors want to become your customers immediately.

You need to integrate all the steps of the ordering on one page in order to provide the best and most convenient shopping experience, which will help customers to purchase products in the blink of an eye. Or, if you are using a Marketplace, you can use Single Seller Payout Rule Validation for a specific seller. This is suitable for both the customer and the seller.

8. Use a strong call to action

Your shopping interface plays an important role in driving customers to complete a transaction. When they spend time browsing your website, find it interesting, and if your products meet most of their needs, they want to buy it immediately. On the other hand, they could face some difficulties during their purchase, which could prevent them from returning to your store. How can you solve this problem?

An ideal way for you is to create a "call to action" such as "Buy Now" or "Place Order" to always appear in your store so that customers can purchase your products anytime and whenever they want. With a few clicks, you can sell lots of items and attract customers with special return rates.

9. Attract visitors by setting up reliable social proof like testimonials

People like to follow the herd. If many people have already purchased your product, they are more than likely to inspire others to follow suit. The testimonials not only show that they say 'yes' for purchasing the products, but also how wonderfully other people think about it. Including lots of testimonials can improve your brand's reputation and reliability in the minds of your visitors. They will believe in others and decide to buy your products immediately.

10. Impress visitors with blog content

A blog is one of the most basic and successful vehicles to deploy in your quest to become a marketing superstar.

Create a blog that takes into account the needs and wants of your customers and ensures that the content is original, creative, educational, entertaining and informative. So your site can attract many visitors from other blogging websites if you start placing links to your products. If the blog content is impressive, visitors will immediately click on the links to view your products carefully. Certainly, if the product has the capacity to meet the needs of the visitor, a purchase is imminent.


Aside from these tips and tactics that you can use to convert visitors to customers mentioned above, there are a number of other strategies you can consider. However, if you use these tips and strategies effectively, they will allow you to attract more and more visitors and turn them into loyal customers.

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