How to deal with the chaos and confusion within you?

CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. During our whole lives, one thing that remains persistent is “change”. And if you’re going through one of this period, you’d know how it feels. It becomes very hard to accept it and hence most of the times you’re all confused, frustrated and even disorganised. Everything seems to make no sense. So, how to accept it? How to adapt yourself with it? Want to know more, continue reading it:

  • Confusion and chaos

Always remember that you will face a lot of confusion and chaos when you have a breakthrough. For some new transitions, confusion and chaos are a prerequisite state. Something within you is changing and the chaos is more like processing the whole change within. Only when you get through the other side of the situation, you will realise it’s for good and that it makes you learn something new. All the things that were not making sense, in the beginning, will bring along more joy.

  • Acceptance is important

During this whole transition period, we often find our whole world crumbling away. But we live in denial. It’s better to accept it as early as possible. Instead of running away from it, accept everything that goes on within you. It’s hard to face it, to step out into the unknown, but it will be all worth it. Look within and accept whatever is there. Be curious about yourself as well. And start accepting how these changes shape your feelings or how it moves within your body.

  • Let it go

When you hold onto your past, you will suffer. As you start letting go of the old things, you are sorting your life, making it a lot easier. If you let go of old things, you are attracting new and better things in your life. Only when a door closes, a new one opens. But most of the times we just keep knocking the closed door overlooking the new prospects the new door just unfolded. Start releasing old things and welcome new changes. Don’t let the “fear of unknown” stops you from embracing some new and unfamiliar joys of life.

  • Ask for help

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Many people are hesitant because society makes us look at it as a sign of weakness. When you start opening with someone, you get a fresh pair of perspective over the situation. You will get feedback as well.

  • The circle of life

This is a continual process as you are continually faced with ups and downs in your life. Change is a part of life and as soon as you accept it, you will start it accepting it more gracefully. Always remember whether it’s the chaos or confusion or the pride and acceptance, everything is within you. Everything lies within and only you can make a difference in your life.

So, don’t be afraid of anything. Be it fear or change, the sooner you accept and face it, the sooner they will be out of your life or have peace with you. So will you do it for yourself?

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