How to Find Motivation to Work?

When it comes to motivation, most of us continuously strive for it as it is so elusive. Some days you feel so pepped-up that you work for a long shift without any break and then there are days, where you need motivation to just get up from your bed and start working. You stare at your laptop, making your mind to just create, type or develop something worthy, but all you can do is to simply go through nothingness and not caring what you are producing. The reason is simple - you are not motivated to do this. So how can you find the motivation to work? How can you inspire your brain to accomplish the task placed in front of you? Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Don’t take it as “hard work”

Yes, an outlook can change everything. So the first tip here is to change the outlook. Don’t take it as a drudgery as that will pamper you and you will not work for it. Take it as one step that will help you in reaching where you want along your career path. This changed outlook will then help you in gathering the energy required to do it and it will so much easier then.

  1. Take baby steps

You probably have heard of this for so many times before. But ask yourself - do you really have applied it to motivate yourself. A large project and the path leading to it always seem daunting and it will become messier when you don’t know where to begin with. So instead of focusing on that big goal that scare you, go for baby steps in achieving small bite-sized goals. Break this large goal into multiple simple ideas that can be incorporated or processed easily one at a time.

  1. Celebrate little victories

Yes, you have to celebrate those little wins as it will be your milestone reminding you of how far you have reached. Sometimes it’s very hard to keep your spirits high if there’s no reward in sight. So instead of celebrating your “big triumph”, start celebrating little wins and treat yourself with something good upon achieving it.

  1. Take some time out for reading

We know you probably are thinking that you’re motivated enough to do “what you have to do for a livelihood”, how can you drive yourself in doing that hasn’t had such major purpose. But this “totally unrelated” task will help you in the long run. This will directly impact your thought process which will help you in finding inspiration in all spheres of life.

  1. Don’t think through things that don’t matter

You have to be a bit analytical for this. Look closely through your list and just bid adieu to all the unnecessary things which are somewhere stealing your motivation to work too. Sometimes what matters the most is to remember the purpose of why you started it in the first place and then shove off anything that takes you off that track.

  1. Unplug yourself a little from the work

What? Yes, that’s the instant reaction of some of you while reading the heading for this point. We as humans aren’t motivated or energised 24*7. And believe us, it is totally fine and normal. Give yourself some rest even if it means to unplug you completely from the work for some time. Believe us, once you resume, you will be working a lot harder and smarter.

In the end, all you need is to just DO IT. So don’t wait around or will yourself to feel inspired and motivated, just go ahead and start doing it.

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