Why it is so Important to Make Some Time for Yourself?

Why there are articles emphasising so much on spending “me time”? What’s the big deal about it? Why it is so important to make some time for yourself? If these questions are there in your mind, this post is just for you illustrating why it is so important for a person to make some time just for him or herself.

The biggest reason that you need to make time for yourself is simply to avoid the bad effects of not doing so. Yes, there are many negative consequences you might stumble on by not making time for yourself. Always remember that having some time for yourself will help you in becoming a better person both inside and out.

One of the many reasons that make it so important is that it will help you in controlling your emotions. Yes, not many people have that control over themselves. There is no doubt, as the son or daughter, or as the parent or as the owner to your pet or as an employee you have certain duties and responsibilities. But don’t forget you owe something to yourself too and that probably surpass everything else and hence it is necessary to make some time for yourself too along with fulfilling all these duties for your loved ones.

It is important for them as well. Yes, by making your time for yourself you are not just mending yourself but your relationships as well. If you’re not able to make time for yourself, you are just building resentments that will harm your relationships with your loved ones. If you’re giving all your time to them without making a little for your own self, you will gradually feel secluded from yourself. Sometimes when you’re tired, you may feel angry and disappoint in yourself for giving so much without sparing anything for your own self.

By making the time for yourself, you are restoring yourself. Don’t consider yourself selfish even for a moment if you’re sparing some time “just for yourself”.

Now the question arises, how to make the best of “me” time. yes, this question is often asked that what you need to do in that “me time”? The answer is pretty simple. It can be anything that you can enjoy all by yourself. It can be reading books that help you in calming your mind. It can be something as simple as watching sunrise or sunset all by yourself sipping your coffee. It can be indulging yourself in any hobby that you have forgotten amidst the work or something that you wanted to do for so long but didn’t make it until now.

Texting or scrolling through your Instagram feed is not considered as making time for you. Making time for you means to unplug yourself from the world for a while. This unplugging will help you in refreshing and re-energising yourself.

This is for everyone and especially for the people lacking self-confidence. This helps you in realizing that you are important and hence deserve the little time for yourself too. Don’t push yourself out in this time and just simply go for enjoying every moment of it. By making time for yourself, you are improving your interpersonal and intrapersonal life.

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