Why Reading a Book is always Better than Watching TV?

After a long day at work, nothing seems more tempting than plonking on your couch and binge-watch your favourite movies or episodes from your favourite series. We all have been there. You don’t have to move or run your brain into it; just watch it without even talking to anyone. As tempting as it sounds, it is nothing like that in real. In fact, it is where the problem starts. Watching TV after a long day is more of a droning your brain to sleep. You are not attentive but then nor are you sleeping for real. This means you are restraining yourself from the lures of your favourite movie or TV show and even from the benefits of good sleep.

Sure a good film might divert your thoughts for once, but sitting in front of the TV, watching it mindlessly for so long is as good as nothing. It will just increase the power of your eyeglasses and feed your brain with absolute stupidity. Instead of binge-watching the mindless TV, why don’t you pick a book and start reading it? Its benefits are surely going to surpass the “nothing” of watching TV. Here are other reasons to persuade you that reading books is way better than watching TV:

You can bid adieu to binge eating too

First reason in favour of books is that you’re less like to hog over food. Let’s be honest, watching Tv and binge eating is quite common for everyone. While watching the TV mindlessly, your brain is totally unconcerned about your body needs. In this case, watching television with binge eating your food seems too easy and fascinating. The result is- you, all comfortable on your couch, watching your TV and feeding your body with a stash of “JUNK”.

There is no such thing when it comes to reading books. While reading books, our mind is completely engrossed in it and its characters. There is no space for distraction. Also, you read a book while holding the same in your hand. This means your hand is busy enough in holding what you’re reading. The simultaneous eating seems kind of impossible in this case.

It makes your empathetic

Also, there are many studies that have proves that reading books work wonders with your intellect. It also makes you more empathetic as you can delve into the character of the books very easily. You actually develop your own imaginary world with all the characters playing their roles as the story proceed in books. It gives you a better perspective of human emotions. It also unfolds the insight which you may have missed while watching the movie. Hence it develops a better understanding of human emotions, making you more empathetic.

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