Benefits of Steam Cleaning for Your Carpets

Before now, using a large amount of shampoos and detergents for carpet cleaning seemed like a more effective option. However, when steam cleaning was introduced, the difference between both processes was clear, giving steam cleaning preference in most carpet cleaning services today.

With other procedures, the amount of chemicals released into the fibre of the carpets rose to an almost dangerous level. This was detrimental to the health of occupants of the building, especially the ones with existing respiratory cases like asthma or other allergies, and usually required occupants of the room to take some time off from the room while waiting for the effects of the chemicals in the room to be doused.

Giving precedence to the use of steam cleaning is not a bad idea and can be very rewarding. Here, we have compiled all you need to know about the steam cleaning process

What Is Steam Cleaning?

This is a cleaning process that involves the application of heated water and very little detergent to get rid of toxins and germs from carpets. The water and little detergent permeate the carpet, effectively eradicating hidden and solidified dirt, killing germs and bacteria and brightening the carpet. The application of heat makes the process more effective. The term is frequently replaced with ‘hot water extraction’ which is fine, as the two terms represent the same procedure.

The tools used in steam cleaning are advantageous in the sense that they come with adjustable power levels. You can easily adjust the power, or advise your cleaning company to set the power level to suit the sensitivity or delicate nature of your carpet. You can notice a visible improvement in the texture, colour and general appearance of your carpets after the steam cleaning process. Unlike other cleaning processes, steam cleaning actually strengthens your carpet.

How long does steam cleaning take?

One side effect of using steam cleaning is the amount of time the process takes. When compared to other methods, this procedure takes the longest time. This is because to maximise the efficiency of steam cleaning, the procedure will have to be done as slow as possible. Also, after its completion, the carpet should be left for a while, say 4 to 8 hours with minimal or no use. For unavoidable movements on freshly steamed carpets, one should use either bare feet or clean, white socks.

It might help to know that the drying time of your carpet can be shortened with professional cleaners. This is why it is pertinent to choose a reputable cleaning company to handle your steam cleaning. One of your determining factors when choosing a good company can be inquiring about the average drying time taken. However other factors are also deterministic in the drying of your steam carpets. Factors like;

  • The weather conditions outside
  • The atmosphere created within the room
  • The type of machine and products in use.
  • The knowledge and skills of the cleaners.

Note that professional steam cleaning will always beat DIYs and the use of make-do products in the absence of the real cleaning products required. Note that if you try so hard with little knowledge or skill, you might end up ruining your entire carpet, and since you do not want this, it is best to get a professional in cases of uncertainty.

Benefits of steam cleaning

Here are some advantages of the steam cleaning process;

  1. Neatness levels

    Of course, your carpets will be noticeably neater when steam cleaned than with any other procedure. Most conventional cleaning techniques will target only surface dirt, leaving the ones stuck at the roots. This will do more harm than good, and in no time the dirt from the roots of the carpet fibre will resurface, putting up an unnecessary frequency for your cleaning routine.
  1. Discolouration

    The use of excess shampoos and detergents that is associated with traditional techniques can easily lead to discoloured carpets. Sometimes, after a regular shampoo carpet cleaning, people have to find other products to get rid of the discolouration on their carpets. Since steam cleaning uses very little detergents, this is one worry you do not have to be stuck with.
  1. The closest thing to chemical-free procedure

    With the little amount of detergents used in this procedure, this is as close as you get to a chemical-free carpet cleaning procedure. The chemicals used in other methods can pose a threat to the health of pets and kids, so the steam cleaning method is highly required for its safety.
  1. Cost effective

    A lot of factors like the chosen cleaning type, size of the room, and chosen cleaning company will be put into consideration when discussing price. Following this, a standard price cannot be named for the steam cleaning procedure. However, when you consider the results and durability of this procedure, it is very cost-effective. Also, considering that little other than water is used for this process, it is bound to be considerably cheaper.

Can you get quality steam cleaning?

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