Best Ideas To Make An Amazing Candle And Incense Products

People love quality handicraft products, did you also? Looking for handicraft items to make a great sale? The demand for candles and incense is going higher. Many craftsmen like them because they are one of the easiest crafts to make and sell. Their recipes are usually very easy to follow. They all sell well both offline and online and also there are different types of it. Another great thing about these handicrafts is that you can cross-sell them with incense holders or candle jars.

These candle and incense products below are the ones you should sell:

Incense holders

These holders are made of various materials, in different shapes and sizes. You can make great cash by selling incense holders, as they are in-demand products. If you choose incense holders to sell, you can consider incense sticks to cross-sell. You can categories them according to different shapes, sizes, designs, and materials.

Incense sticks

It is an aromatic biotic material that releases fragrance smoke when it burns. It helps in encouraging relaxation, promote concentration, aid sleep, increases motivation, stimulates creativity, and also heightens sexual desires. As these sticks are a common tradition within many religions, cultures, and regions, it never loses its demand. People are searching for it a lot, so you can also sell incense sticks to make a great profit.

Wax melts

This is one of the great ways to try out home fragrances at cheap prices. They make great presents too. Due to many reasons wax melts over candles are more practical. Make a great collection of wax melts and sell them out, as they are more in demand than candles.

Novelty candles

They used to add some personality to the room or display. People also demand them at a great level due to its attractive and unique look. These novelty candles have the highest demands in online stores. People use them at celebrations or around the home for instant talking points. The demand for these candles rises more during the festive seasons.

Votive candles

This is another product with a great volume of demand and sales. These are the small candles that typically white or beeswax yellow, intended to be used as a votive offering in an act of Christian prayer. You can categories them into scented or unscented, different sizes and colors. These candles are the effective and cheapest home decor item.

Candle jar

A jar that used to hold. Let’s do something different with candle jars. If you’re selling candles then why not think about the candle jars also. Of course, people will also buy candle jar with the candles.

Pillar candles

You can also sell a wide variety of pillar candles in different shapes, sizes, scents, and colors. These pillar candles are used to decorate the home and office. You can also add them to your selling list.


Of course, if candles are in-demand products then candle holders are also in demand. Make and sell them in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. You can use the glass, wood, metal, and even marble to make them.

Herbal incense

There are many herbal materials that you can use to make herbal incense. People demand more for herbal incense than the scented incense. So, you can take great advantage of it.

These are the great candle and incense products that will help you earn great profit. You should stay connected to us, to get more ideas and tips.

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