Beware of pet Suffocation when transporting you pet

Since times immemorial, humans have associated themselves with animals as their companions. Every civilization has shown evidence of pets forming an integral part of human culture, specially dogs. Cows, sheep, goats, have also been brought up for their different capabilities of providing nutrition to mankind. Horses have been reared for transport as in olden days, horses were used as vehicles and in warfare for their agility and fastness. Different kinds of birds and animals were kept for sport and recreation in times gone by.

The culture of keeping pets has passed on from generations to generations and generally, households which are dog lovers, pass it on to their children. Pets support us at all times without being judgemental, and keep us healthy and are the greatest stress busters.

Caring for pets

Keeping pets is just not joy and happiness, but a lot of effort goes into it. You have to care for your pets, as the way you care for your own child. Feeding healthy food to the pets, cleaning and bathing them, taking them for walks and exercises, vaccinating them to protect them from diseases, making them learn and understand your language, play games with them, and many more. But for a pet lover it is all worthwhile as it is a labor of love. An affectionate relationship develops between humans and pets, and the pets are ready to go the extra mile for their companion owners.

Essentials of pet care

As a first time parent, new things have to be learnt to bring up a newborn human being, in the same way a first time pet owner has to know different things about his pet. Different experiences and learning awaits him as he welcomes a new living being into his home. Animals have different sensibilities than human beings and are very emotional, but showing off feelings is not very prominent. They have a heightened sense of awareness and can sense any problem beforehand. A very good intuition enables them to know what is coming, but expressing the same feelings is a very complicated experience in them, and only a person who shares a very great bond with his pets can understand it.

Some basic amenities have to be taken care of before bringing a pet into the house. Pet food, clothes, basket, place to sleep, collars, head gears, toys, etc. Regular food is available in pet shops but to provide variety and taste to their pets, there are a lot of other options.

In this internet era, everything is available at the click of a button, without venturing out of the house, which has made caring for pets easy and in a more advanced fashion. E-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. provide a variety of options for pet lovers in different ranges. From food to accessories to clothes and medicines, moving a pet and hence caring for pets have come a long way.

Human beings are instinctive explorers and travelers and love for adventure takes them to new places and experiences. A pet lover, when traveling would not like to go alone, but take his pet along with him. So he has to search for a place or lodging which is pet friendly and can accommodate a pet.

BringFido is an internet site where the pet owner can search for suitable hotels, restaurants and also new places where they can go along with their pets. There are quite a few places which a pet owner can explore with his friends, pets and family and sometimes a number of places do not charge you extra for booking pet- friendly hotels and restaurants. In these places you get like minded people, traveling with their own pets and is a great experience for both the pet owners and the pets to intermingle and socialize comfortably.

Pets and air travel

Traveling with pets on airplanes is a big issue. Some airlines allow pet owners to carry their pets as carry-ons in cabins, but mostly they put pets in the cargo of the airplane with the luggage. Flying, as it is very stressful for normal people like change in air pressure, landing, take off, etc. Imagine how stressful it is for pets with varying degrees of air pressure in the cabin and simply horrendous if they are flying in the cargo space of the aircraft. There is a big chance of suffocation and sometimes may lead to death.

But there are a number of reliable pet transporters, who safely and with care transfer the pets to the desired destinations. These transporters are background certified to provide the utmost care to pets in transit and are also well versed in the complicated nuances of different pets. Mostly, breeders, pet owners, prefer them to reduce the risk of suffocation or pain to the pets and for an easy, safe and reliable transit.

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