Changes in Season that Triggers Weight Gain

Nature has its own ways to delight us. It helps us to soothe our body and basks under the sun of summer and even allows us to enjoy the snowfall in winter. Not to forget the amazing food, it brings to hog over in these different seasons. While some of them are really helpful, some may not work in your favor. Moreover, with seasonal changes, our routine changes too and that might also add up in the weight gain.

Are you already scared? No worries, we have mentioned several different things in summers and winters that triggers weight gain along with what should you do:

The sunny summers

No wonder we all love summers and its delights. The bright sun at all its glory and that amazing tan on the body, who wouldn’t love that? Well, this season is also the season of fresh foods which are healthy and nutritious, but there are things that might work against you as well. Backyard barbecues are quite popular in summers. Family gatherings, friends hanging, everything is fine till we tempt on high-calorie food like hot dogs, chips, burgers, ice cream and many more. And to top of it, there are many fairs and festivities for summers and this means more calorie intake.

Another thing that affects your weight is the continuous hustle of sticking to the workout routine. High temperatures often lead to more sweating and humidity hampers our workout too.

What can you do?

Let the summers be sunny, and you can enjoy it all by being selective about what you’re feeding your body. Choose something healthy and sumptuous as well as fruit juices and punches. Don’t just go running in the hot sun, instead, you can organize a workout session at home or can even hit the gym.

The chilly winters

Winters along with the chilly breezes bring the cravings for food high on carbohydrates. It’s not just the chilly winds that might disturb you; it is fewer options in fresh food as well. These limited options often drive our mind to unhealthy options. Then as the winter winds bring the joy of holiday season, we are so tempted to binge eat all those high-calorie food and candies. The holiday season is overwhelming too and its stress often leads to “overeating.” Another thing that affects our workout regime is cold temperature and shorter days. That’s why you probably seeing people struggling with their “HOLIDAY WEIGHT.”

What can you do?

We know that holiday season comes once every year and it’s time to just infuse you in every bit of it. But we still suggest not sneaking up on you that easily. You can come up with some plans that you can incorporate with the advent of winters. You can still choose to stick with healthy food options and save your money as well by not splurging it all on unhealthy food. You can keep yourself busy and fit your workouts in between. Simple running in winter sun is quite soothing and works wonder for your weight too.

Enjoy the delights of both the seasons. Just ensure you don’t go overboard with it.

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