Easy Hacks to Make Use of The Space in a Small Apartment

Amidst the large cities, we all are struggling to fit in small spaces of our apartments. Once you’ve got the essential furniture set up, there is not a lot of space left for anything else. So unless you just want to donate everything or want to lead a minimalistic lifestyle, you need to have few tips and tricks that could help you in storage in these “nut sized” places. You have to think out of the box ideas to fit in well in these “box-shaped places”. Here are a few hacks that will help you in making the best of the space of your tiny apartment:

Under the bed:

Don’t lead the monsters only take the place under the bed. There are good chances that your bed only takes most of the place in your living space. But, what about the space that is under the bed? You can use that space as well. You can have some tubs that fit perfectly underneath. Be very clear in arranging them and considerate about storing the things. You can store the things that you need access to every once in a year or two as it is not easy to access place for regular things.

Sticky hooks

Sticky hooks are another convenient option as they are easy to remove. If you’re renting an apartment, there are good chances that your landlords won’t allow you to attach anything on the wall. That’s where these sticky hooks can come in handy. You can ask your landlord for using them. You can attach a few in the entryway as it is best to keep the keys, coats, bags, umbrella, anything that you need to have while going out. This way you can free some space in your closet as well.

Other than hooks, you can also use over-door organisers. They are one good option especially if you’re renting a place.

On the top of the fridge and the kitchen cupboards:

Top of the fridge and the kitchen cupboards are other places where you can store things. On top of cupboards, you can store the fancy crockery and more. Other than the top of cupboards, the top of the fridge is another place where you can keep some regular things. You can keep it organised and clean by putting up some baskets. Baskets are at your rescue as they can be stored anywhere, from top of the cupboard to under tables or consoles. They keep things a lot handy as you can label it and easily make the best of the small space.

Use trunks instead of tables:

This is one of the best ideas in which you can save up a lot without spending much. A beautifully designed trunk or chest will serve you the same as the table. Other than that, it will provide you more as you can store the things in that as well. End tables or even the tables for coffee can be replaced by trunk in which you can store things like towel, blankets, sheets, etc.

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