Fix QuickBooks Error 1904 - Error while Installing QuickBooks

All you require to know about the arrangement of QuickBooks Install Error Code 1904

QuickBooks is perhaps the most well-known accounting software which is utilized by a huge number of little and medium-sized organizations all through the globe. The genuine purpose for its notoriety is just the way that it is not difficult to utilize and offers plenty of features while being a little bundle. Intuit, the company which offers updates for QuickBooks desktop is very customary regarding introducing new updates. Yet, with a high pace of incessant updates, the software now and again gets error messages. Perhaps the most widely recognized one is the QuickBooks Error 1904 that normally happens at the hour of installing the software. In the event that you are confronting this error, don't freeze your accounting data and company files are in acceptable condition.

Thus, in this article, we will discuss QuickBooks install error 1904 in a nutshell and we will discuss a few Strategys to fix this error. Consequently, this post requests complete consideration.

What is QuickBooks Error 1904?

This QuickBooks error code 1904 is perhaps the most widely recognized error message that clients run over. The explanation for this is just on the grounds that it happens when you install the QuickBooks desktop on your system and the system gets unsteady or any significant file of the company is absent from the database. It is caused for the most part when a system isn't kept up as expected and the files get lost, consequently, it makes the whole software crash.

At the point when this error happens you may see the beneath given error message on your screen:

Error 1904: [file way/name/extension] neglected to enlist,

This error can be a significant issue and we suggest it ought to be fixed by the client when they see the side effects.

Focuses to be thought of

  • The clients should update windows on all system running QuickBooks in multi-client mode.
  • Additionally, update QuickBooks on server and workstations, in the event of QuickBooks multi-client.
  • Run QuickBooks in administrator mode
  • The client ought to likewise invigorate the internet and LAN availability

What are the manifestations of QuickBooks Error 1904?

Following are a portion of the indications that clients may insight while they are utilizing QuickBooks Desktop which is tainted with QuickBooks Error code 1904:

  • The updates on the system won't be accessible consequently
  • Hard drive and other read-compose gadgets will confront issues with consents and a few different glitches
  • Significant company files will get missing every once in a while
  • The system will continue to get more slow as the time passes
  • You may see a rehashed message about "Error 1904: [file way/name/extension] neglected to enlist" on your screen.

Potential causes behind to the QuickBooks Error 1904

The components prompting QuickBooks error code 1904 are as per the following:

  • Missing parts of Microsoft OS
  • Hard-drive read-compose having issues
  • You are utilizing old or terminated version of working system
  • Your installation source is making issues to make a way
  • QB installer file is harmed or isn't working because of some explanation
  • Or on the other hand the security software isn't permitting installation of QuickBooks
  • Redesigning QuickBooks version
  • New working system installed on the gadget
  • The client need more consents for installing QuickBooks on Windows

Best Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 1904

As now we have just got a slight arrangement regarding what this error code really is, let us examine a portion of the strategies for fixing the QuickBooks error 1904. The strategies which are referenced further are to be continued in an organized way and subsequently ought to be endeavored altogether without skipping. In this way, clients should ensure that all the strategies are continued to fix the error altogether.

Strategy #1: Running QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • For this, the clients first need to download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub file from the Intuit's site
  • When the download is finished, save the software on the screen so it very well may be effectively found.
  • Double tap on the downloaded file and adhere to the on-screen guidelines for an effective installation of QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • When done, go to the home screen where the new software's symbol is available and double tap on it to begin the program
  • Now, in the Tools hub, look for the alternative of Installation issues and select it
  • From that point onward, in the next window, select the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. This will start the tool and the process will proceed for around 20 minutes
  • After the process is finished, essentially reboot the PC and open QuickBooks Desktop

Strategy #2: Changing Windows Account Settings

  • Change to the Windows Administrator account to change not many settings.
  • From the outset, the client should move to the Windows start menu
  • And afterward, enter CMD into the inquiry bar. At the point when the client can detect the CMD run symbol in the choices list, he/she is needed to right click on it and click on run as administrator
  • Followed by composing the "net client head/active:yes" in the order window and afterward clicking on enter tab. At the point when the order is finished, the client can stop the order window
  • Now, move to the Windows start menu and click on sign out
  • The last advance is to move to the account that says chairman, and attempt to sign in there. The client probably won't need any password to sign in.

Changing the client consents

  • The absolute initial step is to open the windows start menu
  • And afterward, type in file wayfarer into the hunt and furthermore open the file traveler
  • From that point forward, the client needs to look for the C:\Program Files\Common Files
  • Followed by right clicking the Common files folder and afterward choosing the properties tab
  • Additionally, explore to the security tab and afterward pick edit alternative
  • Pushing forward, the client needs to choose clients in the gathering or client names area
  • From that point onward, the client needs to turn on the accompanying authorizations in the consents for clients segment: Modify, Read and execute, List folder substance, Read, Write.
  • After that pick apply and hit OK button

Reinstalling QuickBooks and marking out

  • The client needs to follow the means, in the event that point by point guidelines for installing QuickBooks desktop is required. It shouldn't affect any current company file data
  • From that point onward, open windows start menu and afterward sign out of the administrator account
  • The next advance is to sign in the typical client account
  • Additionally, open the windows start menu
  • And furthermore type CMD into the pursuit bar. Right click the CMD run symbol and afterward select run as administrator
  • Furthermore, in conclusion, type net client administrator/active:no in the order window and hit enter. On the off chance that the client can open QuickBooks with a standard account, the error is relied upon to be fixed.

Strategy #3: Manually Fixing Windows Components

The last advance of fixing QuickBooks Error Code 1904 is to fix some particular Windows segments from the actual system. This progression should possibly be endeavored just if the client is a sure windows client or have an IT expert's help for the process. The two parts that are needed to be manually fixed are:

  1. Microsoft MSXML
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework

Each of the clients needs to do is either fix these two files or uninstall them and download the most recent version for them. Whenever they are fixed, QuickBooks Error Code 1904 will be fixed totally.

Strategy #4: Adding QuickBooks to Bitdefender avoidance list

This Strategy is just material, on the off chance that you are utilizing Bitdefender. The client can't dispose of the error by just handicapping it. In such a case, the client should add QB to the avoidance rundown of the Bitdefender.

  • For 32-bit Windows OS: Put C:\Program files\Common files in the prohibition list.
  • For 64-cycle Windows OS: Put C:\Program Files\Intuit (C:\Program Files(x86)\Intuit) in the avoidance list
  • This will fix the error, on the off chance that the error perseveres, make a point to move to the next strategy.

Strategy #5: Uninstall then reinstall adobe streak player

  • Above all else, open the Start menu.
  • From that point onward, the client needs to type in Control Panel and open it
  • The next advantage is to uninstall a program.
  • Followed by choosing Adobe Flash Player ActiveX from the rundown, alongside that select uninstall
  • Pushing forward, the client needs to do on screen guidelines to uninstall.
  • Furthermore, ultimately, download and reinstall Adobe streak player indeed.

Strategy #6: Refer to the QBversionTool.dll

This Strategy is material, when the error message alludes to QBversionTool.dll file. The client should run QuickBooks install demonstrative tool and change the administrator settings as referenced above and afterward do the underneath steps:

Stage 1: Test your consents

  • Above all else, open Windows start menu.
  • And afterward type in Notepad in the inquiry field, and open it.
  • The next advance is to type in QBTEST in the note
  • Followed by moving to the File menu and afterward choosing Save as. The client should save it to either "C:\Program Files\Common Files" or "C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files".
  • In the event that the client can't save the note to the folder, he/she may be needed to sign in and install QuickBooks as an administrator.

Stage 2: Installing QuickBooks as Admin

  • In this, the client first requires to open the Windows start menu and afterward select sign out choice.
  • The next advance is to choose the account that says administrator and sign in. It ought to be noticed the password shouldn't be there.
  • And afterward install QuickBooks as administrator.

Extra Alternatives to fix QuickBooks Error 1904

The clients are prescribed to sleep antivirus or the security software to fix this error

Or then again attempt to tweak the internet data transfer capacity to download the installation source precisely and appropriate installation of the updates to forestall this issue

Likewise, in multi-client arrangement shared updates alternative ought to be unchecked

Extra Guidelines

  • In the event that the client is working with the QuickBooks database server manager just, at that point all things considered the arrangements referenced wouldn't work and the client would be expected to install the genuine exe.
  • This kind of error can likewise be seen in Microsoft windows, when the installation isn't set as run as administrator
  • Likewise, prior to installing Avalara Avatax, the client should guarantee that the exe is installed on the server
  • Such an error can likewise be experienced, if the client attempts to install the connector on a server without QB.exe installed on it
  • The client is then prescribed to click on OK on the error and the installation should say that it was finished effectively
  • Explore to the AvaTax design (File > AvaTax > Configuration)
  • And afterward run the QuickBooks software as administrator
  • And furthermore pick the test connection choice


We reach the finish of this post, with the expectation that the immense rundown of correction strategies recorded above may help the client in fixing the QuickBooks error code 1904. On the off chance that you face this issue even in the wake of following the previously mentioned strategies at that point contact our QuickBooks enterprise specialized support group.

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