Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Reviews: What Anukrity Says?

The scope of content writing is huge today in the digital world. Right from healthcare, technology, agriculture, home décor or any other businesses, content writing is a crucial part of their marketing strategy.

Yes, every business realizes the importance of content writing to increase the sales, profitability and visibility of the business. Good content can influence the readers in a very positive way. It not only offers solutions to unanswered questions but also inspires the readers to take decisions in favor of the business promoted.

Let us meet Anukrity, who has recently finished her content writing certification from Henry Harvin Education. We requested her to give us her reviews on Henry Harvin’s Content writing course and also share with us her learning experience.

Question 1. Anukrity tell us something about yourself?

Anukrity’s Answer: Hi, I am Anukrity. I have just completed my content writing course from Henry Harvin Education. I really enjoy writing. I wanted to learn how to produce good and worthwhile content that people would want to read so I thought of joining a course that would help me to improve my writing skills.

Question 2. Anukrity did you like your trainer’s method of teaching?

Anukrity’s Answer: My trainer for the content writing course was Urvashi Chaudhary. She was very professional and aware of the topics the course covered. Everything that she taught me was very useful and also practical based. She gave us a lot of assignments. I think the assignments helped me learn a lot. Overall the training was superb with good student-teacher interaction.

Question 3. How would you describe Henry Harvin’s content writing course structure?

Anukrity’s Answer: Henry Harvin’s course curriculum is well-planned. The content writing course has been divided into a variety of modules covering wide-range interesting topics. Starting from internet skills, SEO tools, we learned about blog writing, article writing, ghostwriting, and many other writing styles. There is a lot to read and learn through the content writing course readings and videos.

Question 4. Are you satisfied with the content writing course?

Anukrity’s Answer: After doing the content writing course from Henry Harvin, the quality of my writing has improved significantly. I would give credit to the course assignments that have been quite challenging. The assignments pushed me to take out time and write regularly. I got the hang of article writing and learned about SEO tools that I would love to take as my carrier. All thanks to Henry Harvin for letting me grasp all of these.

Question 5. Will you recommend Henry Harvin’s content writing course to others?

Anukrity’s Answer: Yes, Henry Harvin’s content writing course is certainly a course I would like to recommend to all those writers who are looking to take up content management as a career.


According to Anukrity’s Henry Harvin content writing course review, this certification program assists learners to acquire confidence and try out the different writing styles. This certification course not only prepares but also motivates students to systematically research on given themes and cultivate appropriate content by using various expertise learned like creativity, evaluation, and reorganization during the course. The students are familiarized with SEO tools and exposed to diverse types of writing skills like technical writing, creative writing etc. Students are also trained in understanding analytical skills. This course includes writing blog posts, articles, writing podcasts, video scripts, and content for social media. Based on the student reviews of Henry Harvin, it can be considered without any doubt that Henry Harvin is an esteemed and well-recognized training institute that one can consider for doing their content writing courses from.

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