Henry Harvin TEFL Course Reviews: 5 Important Facts To Know

The English language is used globally and various people are looking forward to knowing the language through a qualified teacher to teach them. If you become TEFL Certified then you will get chances to work on many education platforms. Most nations prefer the English language over different languages across the world. Due to the rising economy, the demand for English educators in non-English speaking regions is also rising.

So, It’s always significant to prefer the best TEFL course because of the high competition and need for highly-qualified educators. There are several best TEFL courses and Henry Harvin is one of them.

Many learners from Henry Harvin are satisfied with their courses and service and give positive feedback, you can also go through with Henry Harvin TEFL course review, you can search on Google and you'll see only positive reviews.

In this article, we will share with you 5 facts about Henry Harvin TEFL Academy. How the Henry Harvin TEFL certification program is different from other courses, what is unique, why Henry Harvin is a trustworthy institution and all about Henry Harvin TEFL course reviews.

Henry Harvin TEFL Academy is one of the leading organisations and known for being the best TEFL program provider. Henry Harvin improves your skills by adopting beneficial class and time management methods with the formulation of a unique and basic lesson plan to educate the students. It is ranked no.1 TEFL provider in the USA. Authorised by AAEFL.

Here, Five Facts About Henry Harvin TEFL Course:

1. Course Duration

Henry Harvin provides an online 120 hours flexible class. Once enrolled in Henry Harvin TEFL Academy, you have the facility to join different batches classes with different teachers. This signifies that you have unlimited repetitions of the TEFL courses during your membership duration without spending anything extra. They also provide post-training support for 24 hours lives brush up sessions online.

Many other TEFL courses provide 120 hours but do not give you flexibility, like EBC TEFL courses they provide 150 hours of online class but not self-paced, TEFL Iberia there course length is 160 hours but not give you flexibility and many other institutions where you don't have flexibility. But in Henry Harvin, you will get flexible timing according to your comfort with no pressure of timing.

2. Affordable Courses

Henry Harvin provides TEFL courses at very affordable prices. Henry Harvin provided a TEFL course at $299. Henry Harvin provides service at an affordable price compared to other institutions. Will provide access to a different platform of most highly paid job opportunities as an EFL teacher. With affordable prices, they prepare you to clear the TEFL examination at first attempt with in-depth knowledge of student’s psychology.

If you compare Henry Harvin TEFL courses with other course fees you notice that they are so expensive. I-to-I charges $550 for online TEFL courses, premier TEFL Academy charges $450 for online TEFL courses and many more institutions charge more money for online courses. When you go through with any Henry Harvin TEFL review on any website you'll notice many learners give feedback that they are happy with the Henry Harvin TEFL course fee because they provide the best service at affordable prices.

3. Guarantee placement

You will get 100% placement and job opportunities through Henry Harvin TEFL Academy. You will upgrade your resume with many hands-on programs to accelerate your career and job opportunities in more than 20 countries worldwide. There are rare TEFL courses that offer guaranteed placement or even job interview opportunities. According to a survey almost every learner gets a job after completion of a TEFL course. According to the Henry Harvin TEFL review, students are mentioned that they are doing jobs and get placement through Henry Harvin.

If you compare to others like The University of Toronto of Education (OISE) has planned a TEFL certification program in a joint effort with Teach Away but they don't give any type of guarantee regarding placement or interview.

4. 1-Year Free Membership

You will get 1-year membership of Henry Harvin’s TEFL Academy with lifetime assistance and extra benefits is a live program, class recorded videos. Henry Harvin provides extra classes in Interview skills and career guidance. With a one year membership of Henry Harvin TEFL Academy, they take the duty to provide you with new lesson recorded to tape and brush-up sessions every month and most importantly entry to the highly-rated LMS (Learning Management System) they stand by you in giving you career assistance, formal job updates, interview techniques preparation and many more things. I think this is one of the best parts of Henry Harvin. They provide a 1-year free membership compared to others. No one provides a service like this even well-known TEFL courses like International TEFL Academy, i-to-i, Premier TEFL, myTEFL and many others who don't give this type of service.

5. Authorized Courses

Henry Harvin is well known for its services and acknowledged by many organisations. Henry Harvin Education's license to get authorized from the AAEFL means American Association of EFL, UKAF, UK Cert, MSME & Government of India. Henry Harvin provides TEFL courses globally and trustworthy TEFL course institutions.

If you go through Henry Harvin reviews on different-different websites you'll notice that students are happy and mentioned that they'll get extra benefits because of Henry Harvin's prestigious AAEFL credential for the TEFL course as well as passed out from a trustworthy institution.

Overall, Henry Harvin is the best TEFL provider not only because they are an accredited organization but because of the outstanding course content and affordably priced courses as well. This TEFL course is formulated to confirm that you clear the TEFL Certification examination on your first try. The training will assist you to comprehend the nuances of educating English to non-English Orators.

It will Develop and Improve your confidence during class. It will educate the most beneficial education skills and procedures by gaining an in-depth knowledge of learner’s psychology. You will be able to analyze learners without prejudice and develop a different and basic class plan to educate them.

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