How Different Features Of Social Media  Helps Your  Marketing Campaign To Engage The Audience

There are different social media platforms available on the internet and each platform has its dedicated audience. Each audience has different tastes and preferences followed by the features on their favorite social media platform. It will be the job of the social media marketing company to assess how the audiences are reacting to different features and accordingly marketing strategies are prepared. For example, an analysis observes that Indian Instagram users follow a specific Hashtag for their wall post than there will be an opportunity to prepare a strategy around that fact. By this mean, most used hashtags feature helps the agency to make a strategy which engages the audience's attention. Following features on social media provides an opportunity to engage customers –

Hashtags – Hashtags are the most used and most common features on social media where it denotes a specific subject with a specific keyword. A strategist hashtags can be used to grab the attention of the customer with the help of a specific keyword that is unique and in trend. There are different factors to consider making strategy but in common is the most effective method to bring the audience to attention.

Story feature – the story feature can be found when Instagram is turned on and it makes the first impression. It can be the first interaction through which the audience will be grabbed. According to the level of creativity, these features are very effective in the campaign.

Wall post – the wall post is the most basic yet so effective feature which can explain your idea of campaign in brief. It can be used according to the creative strategy aspects of the campaign.

Instagram for business feature- Instagram provides the feature to operate your business from the install. It provides different functionalities to the user to make the most of it. This feature provides functionalities such as analytical reporting, trends, charts and instant feedback from the customers. It is interactive and helps in engaging the maximum audience to your business account.

Shopping feature on Instagram - now the users on social media have the option to purchase products and services directly from the platform. According to the taste and preferences, Instagram recommends a product to different users. Business accounts are directly benefited from this feature and in reality, the trust will be built among the customer when the user found the best product while surfing social media.

There are many useful features available on the different social media platforms that help the organization in customer engagement. The different tools are used to make the customers more engaged in the marketing campaign. Depending on the type of social media campaign and the target audience the features are used according to the requirements. In the present Instagram is the most famous and used social media platform around the world and it has a maximum number of active users per day. According to the requirements, Instagram is used as an effective tool for marketing in the present scenario.

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