How Sleep Deprivation Affects your Performance?

A lot of us are facing problems because of not getting enough hours to sleep amidst our busy schedules. Human has made robots and gradually all of us are turning into it. But for proper functioning and improved efficiency, the brain needs a good rest as well. For restoring its energy it is essential to get a good sleep.

How much sleep do you need?

Most people need a good sleep of 7 to 9 hours to feel sufficiently rested. It varies from person to person as some people might function well even with less than seven hours of sleep while others need more than nine hours to underlie their health conditions. There the problem arises because as per the studies, not even half of the people are getting their seven hours of sleep each night.

The people who get less than 6 hours of sleep face the problem of less productivity at work. Our brain needs the rest as well. Going just a night without the sleep hampers the smooth functioning and efficiency of the brain.

Some common signs of sleep deprivation

Here let’s discuss some common signs of sleep deprivation which are:

  1. Feeling irritable and moody for most of the times and mostly without any particular reason.

  2. Forgetting some common tasks of the routine

  3. Reduced efficiency and eventually more time in completing tasks.

  4. Micro-sleeps during the day which hinders in your attention and concentration.

  5. Sometimes the excess of it even leads to hallucination and increased anxiety levels.

How can lack of sleep affect your performance directly?

Sleep deprivation has a direct effect on your artistic thoughts and creativity. Yes, it even hampers the thoughts of coming up with something innovative. A sleep-deprived mind think of being rescued at earliest and hence goes with something more conventional and easy rather than choosing interesting and challenging.

Also not getting enough sleep is one biggest reason for increased levels doing stress in today’s generation. We are a generation of people that are more indulged in our “non-productive” activities at the stake of sacrificing our sleep. This again hinders in your productivity and efficiency. It also has a negative impact on your motivation to perform well.

How to avoid sleep deprivation?

It is not possible to compensate for the sleep you haven’t had during the night at the work. But if you feel low in your productivity, you can have short power naps that will help you in boosting the productivity when you need. This is possible if you’re someone who is doing the work from home.

Proper good night sleep is the best way to avoid any sleep deprivation. Make a routine and stick to it strictly.

Also, ensure that you don’t use a phone or laptop or any electric gadget for that instance before an hour or two before sleep. This is quite a hindrance in sleep as it bright light of the screen of these devices delays the release of melatonin to your brain. This eventually makes it harder for the person to sleep.

If you’re facing it very hard to sleep, try to indulge yourself in some sort of physical activity. Exercise daily or engage yourself in any outdoor sport. This will help you in getting good sleep and boost the cognitive function of the brain as well.

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